Haze Of The Damned

Haze Of The Dead
By: Khroma

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Set in a lost marsh in the banks of Midwestern USA, the Ultimis crew find themselves in an abandoned docking harbor near Lake Erie…

Richtofen’s grand scheme dissolves as he searches for a back up plan left behind a deceased ally by the name of H. Porter. Travel through the haze and seek salvation, or survive for as long as you can. Will Ultimis succeed and continue their journey? Or, will they suffer with their sins in the penultimate sacrifice?


Be back at the end of June for my Back In Black update! I will be adding a PPsh-41 wallbuy, Black Ops 4 and Black Ops 2 weapons to the Mystery Box.

Thanks to Sir Tanks A Lot, a new playable area is coming some time after.


I’ve heard some people lag due to the fog FX. I suggest turning down model quality and texture quality to medium or low (depending on your build) and leaving volumetrics to medium for the smoothest gameplay experience.

Also, try out my first map Kafig Der Verdammten if you haven’t already. It features a wide variety of weapons and the wunderfizz machine.


[Version 1.17]

Lowered Pack-A-Punch to the water, so players do not have to jump from the dock to grab their upgraded weapon anymore.
Added Double Tap 2.0 on the small dock.
Adjusted first doll debris (it was moved to be more noticable).
Adjusted Brutus Spawns after Round 17. Now only as much as two will spawn in the same round.
Adjusted Zombie Spawns.
Players can now go underwater near Pack-A-Punch. There is now a Ray Gun wallbuy there for 4500.
Added Multi-language support (A screw up on my end; My bad). Now players should not crash when using other languages.

[Version 1.15]

Fixed a death barrier behind the first buyable doll (by the car near spawn).
Raised the Fishing Hut by Pack-A-Punch to fix a clipping issue with water.
PhD. Flopper and the Frag Grenade Wallbuy on the Dock House have been swapped to prevent the player from getting stuck behind PhD.
Placed barbed wire along the dock by Pack-A-Punch (to make it more noticable that you cannot get back onto the dock from the water).
Some wallbuys have been rearranged or added to adjust game balance.

-Added 9 Black Ops 4 weapons to the Mystery Box.
-Added the Black Ops 2 MP7 to the Mystery Box.
-Added the MacTav-45 (UMP45) to the Mystery Box.

-Replaced the Black Ops 2 SCAR-H with the Black Ops 4 Rampart-17.
-Replaced the WW2 M1897 Trench Gun with the Black Ops 4 M1897 Trebuchet.
-Replaced the Black Ops 3 MX Garand with the Black Ops 4 Koshka.

– – –


The musical easter egg by activating all three teddy bears includes COPYRIGHTED music, which I will credit and link to the creator(s) and content in the description below.

This map was made for entertainment and educational purposes only. Please refrain from activating the easter egg song unless you have your music audio turned down to zero. Otherwise, enjoy blasting some zombies to an awesome mashup by Mark Scissorhands.

Song Description:

Evanescence – Narcissistic Cannibal & Going Under ft. Korn/Skrillex

Narcissistic Cannibal (feat. Skrillex & Kill the Noise)
Licensed to YouTube by
WMG; LatinAutor, AMRA, ASCAP, Sony ATV Publishing, ARESA, Abramus Digital, CMRRA, BMG Rights Management, Kobalt Music Publishing, Pulse Recording (music publishing), UMPI, UBEM, and 24 Music Rights Societies

– – –


(By Abnormal202)
Cryo-Slider [Cost:3000]
-Sliding or Knifing will release a chilled haze, freezing zombies in place and slowing down others.
-Cools down (punny) after each use. You’ll hear an audio cue each recharge.

Windrunner Whiskey [Cost:2500]
-Slamming into any enemy while running will launch them into the stratosphere.
-Recharges once every 17 seconds after sprinting.
-Jumping off of high places will create a shockwave that will launch zombies and insta-kill Brutus on any round (has no cooldown). This can only be done off the watch tower and off the zipline by spawn.
-Run & Gun at the same time!

(By Kaizokuroof)
Salvage Shake [Cost: 4500]
-Holstered weapons slowely regenerate ammo over time.
-Grenades replenish every 10 seconds.
(Sorry, that means no Monkey Bombs!)

(By Madgaz)
Banana Colada [Cost: 3000]
-Longer Sliding Distance.
-Sliding will leave a slippery trail of ooze, making zombies slip and slide.

Madgaz Moonshine [Cost: 2500]
-Sliding will cause an explosion, blasting zombies away.
-Limit of 25 explosions per round.
-Headshots to enemies will light them on fire, causing residual damage (Even Hellhounds!)

Crusader’s Ale [Cost:1500]
-Melee damage is doubled.
-Knifing will reward bonus points.
-Your rocket shield is repaired at the end of each wave.

(By Harrybo21)
PhD. Flopper [Multi-Grenades]

There is a 6 Perk Limit; HOWEVER,
If you got what it takes, you can collect *Perk Bottle Power-Ups* and stay alive to have as many Perk-A-Cola as you need!

SUPPORT: If you would like to support my content and potentially see more Custom Zombies Content, consider donating to my PayPal and message me about my work!

(A couple of bucks will help keep my gas-a-tootin’)

P.S. Be sure to try out all of the custom weapons I tweaked.
*Pssst* The PPsh-41 is a zinger Pack-A-Punched.



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