The Zombie Tower

The Zombie Tower
By: dobby

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This is my first ever map. I was just experimenting with different things to create this basic zombie tower style map. I hope you enjoy it. It is not meant to be too hard or too easy, just a fine medium for the average player looking for a basic map to chill on.

*Main Features:
-Custom Weapons
-Custom Perks
-Bo2 Perks
-Buyable Ending
-Zombie Counter
-Timed Gameplay
-Buildable Shield
-PAP Camos

*Custom Perks:
-Banana Colada ( Gives player longer slide distance
and leaves a yeallow trail the zombies slip and die on )

-Madgaz Moonshine ( When sliding you explode as you stop, limited to 25 slides per round
also 30% chance of setting zombies on fire when shooting them )

-Crusaders Ale ( knife killing a zombie will warrant 2xpoints for the kill, increased knife strenght
and free shield repair at end of each round )

-Bull Ice Blast ( double jump and press crouch in the air to slam blast the zombies into ice )

-.115 Cal
-Autodesk Maya

-In order for PhD to work properly, you actually have to jump before sliding downhill, you can’t just slide.

-The perks PhD, Vulture Aid, Who’s Who and Electric Cherry have their icons messed up in the HUD.

-Once you have all the perks in the map, if you use Wonderfizz again you might get a duplicate perk of one of them. It doesn’t have any extra affects.

-If you go down with Who’s Who, you will be placed outside of the map.

-Sadly, there is nothing I can do about either of these issues because these are problems with the perks themselves, and from those who created them, which is not me 🙁 If a fix comes available for either of these issues I will hop right on it as soon as I can.



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