Die Letzten Nacht

Die Letzten Nacht
By: Eppicgamer552

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Hello all of you wonderful Zombie Slayers!!! Today I have another map I’ve just finished making, entitled “Die Letzten Nacht”, or “The Last Night” in English.
This map is a huge step forward from my last one, and though still nowhere near good enough to be considered a “Professional” map, I’m particularly proud of it as it’s a milestone nevertheless. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed Making it!!!
Custom xmodels-Salaj Team, GU$TOMAN, CFGFactory
BO1 Weapons-Rorke
BO2 Weapons-zombie madness aka Rorke——-extra weapon fixes and porting these weapons, elfenliedtopfan5——teaching me how to convert .TANIMS, CFGFACTORY.com for requesting mod.csv line for launcher and reporting bug’s/glitches, treyarch——for the weapon models, tom_bmx————–for his tools (lime) and lemon for the anims, autodesk———for maya, aidan——-for his cod 5 plugin, ray———-for the tac 45 anim fix, pashan———–weapons tester
BO3 Weapons-the115, DamianoTBM: Massive help with the port, DTZxPorter: Wraith, DrLilRobot: T7-T5 Convertion,  RigScobalula: Maya add-on for anims, Call of Duty Wiki: Stats, Treyarch: Models/anims/sounds, Ricos, Dr. Lilrobot, mohammed, BaD BoY 17 Aka “Tim Smith”, CFGFactory, Dr.Squidbot, Scobalula, Tito, Ricos, Jerri13, natesmithzombies, shippuden1592, Treyarch, Cod wiki + Marvel, UrbanSpiral
CODAW Weapons-BaD BoY 17 Aka “Tim Smith”, DamianoTBM, DTZxPorter, dr.Squidbot, Treyarch, Scobalula
Inspiration for the “Loyal Servant” Easter Egg: Akuno-P/Mothy
Temp. Storyline Character Names (Cause I’m unoriginal. The names will be changed later): Toby Fox
Beta Testers: Zlu, Sebastian the Quiet guy, ~Cherry~ (These are just a few who I managed to get in contact with and who-to my knowledge- actually played the map, a huge thank you to anyone and everyone who volunteered to test the map for me!



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