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Some of y’all may recognize this map (key word being “may”) as the power area from my previous map Satanic Campgrounds. I’ve been away from the mod tools for a while for personal reasons and I’m currently trying to get back into making maps, and I wanted to start off small and work my way up to making bigger and better maps in the future.

This map is also a remaster of a WaW map that I made when I first started mapping, however that version I never released and probably never will cause it’s SUPER barebones.

Gotta credit peeps or they’ll find me

Hitmarkers (NateSmithZombies)
Zombie counter (I genuinely don’t remember but whoever you are thx)
BO2 Perks and Wunderfizz (Harrybo21)
WaW, BO2, and BO3’s DLC Weapons (Also Harrybo21)
Soul Boxes (MAKECENTS)
2 Easter Egg Songs (Jbrid632 and Uptownpapi25)
Custom Buidable Buyable Ending (Archaivirus)
Custom Power Ups (NateSmithZombies)

Bugs that I’m aware of:
The only problem I’ve encountered is that sometimes you can get stuck on the yellow lines on the road. But that RARELY happens so don’t worry 😉

Annnnnnd I forgot to put a title screen image again, one day I’ll make professional looking maps I swear



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