Shape Remastered

Shape Remastered
By: gcpeinhardt

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A remastered version of Shape. I decided to add a lot of stuff to this since this will be my last map.

– Remastered Shape map
– Brand new wonder weapons introduced to custom zombies
– 8 perks including PHD Flopper
– Black Ops 4 weapons

– GCPeinhardt: Wonder weapon ports, BO4 Ports
– NSZ: Powerups, buyable ending
– Zoek: PAP Powerup
– Treyarch: Original scripts for Wonder Weapons
– Scobalula: Greyhound, HydraX, Cerberus, Camo Chairs
– DTZxPorter: L3AKMOD, LUA override for perks
– UGX: Timed Gameplay
– Symbo: Round zombies

(If I forgot anyone, mention in the comments)

Thanks to all that have supported me throughout my 2 years of modding! It’s been a long run with you all and I am gonna miss you all so much!

If you would like to support me, it would be greatly appreciated.


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