Der Campingplatz

Der Campingplatz
By: Luke

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A campground overrun, can you last long enough to survive and escape the carnage?


Ultimus Player Crew

Shootable Music Easter Egg

Soul Boxes

Black Ops 1 Guns

Thundergun, Wunderwaffe, Ray Gun MKII, and Ray Gun Wonder Weapons

Buildables (Power Switch & Zombie Shield)

Panzer Bosses

Any features, requests, and feedback are welcomed! Thank you for playing

Thank you for the Mod Me community for all the help and assets!

Credits: Shinged, Harry Bo21, Sphynx, CraftD, MakeCents, TheSkyeLord, Ronan_M, ThomasCat, _NSZ, Wild, Wafflez and Scobalula (If I missed you please tell me and I will add you)



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