Fort Rapture

Fort Rapture
By: Ray, lilrifa, Planet

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The Victis Crew finds themselves pinned down in “Fort Rapture”, a once hospitable and thriving safehaven for a post-outbreak community of survivors, now nothing more than abandoned and overrun ruins.

Entry for the Spawn Room Contest.


– Victis Crew from BO4 including voxes
– Unique Wonder Weapons
– Custom Buildables
– BO4 Weapons
– Upgradable Wonder Weapon Easter Egg
– Small Easter Eggs

Main Contributors

MikeyRay: Mapping
Planet: Scripting & most of the custom assets
Lilrifa: HUD & Buyables

Other Credits

TheLostFridge and Unix: For being great friends, helping me with ideas for the map and making me (MikeyRay) stay motivated.
Booris: Screenshots, playtesting and trailer

TheSkyeLord: Weaponry
lilrobot: Inspectable Weapon Script
Erthrock: Buried Zombies
Harry Bo21: FX Pack & AI BT
Sphynx: Power Craftable
GCPeinhardt: Ray Gun Mark 2
Madgaz: BO3 Asset Ports
Zeroy: WW2 Assets
Garrett: Alpha Omega Round Sounds
DTZxPorter: Tools
Scobalula: Tools
Treyarch, Sledgehammer Studios and Infinity Ward: Assets and making Call of Duty Games.

If any credits were missed please let MikeyRay know! (Discord: MikeyRay#6592)

Donation Links

MikeyRay: Don’t care for donations, please donate it to charities if you are considering donating –



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