Explore the Mysteries

Find the hidden mysteries that lie within

Start inside the Mansion

Explore it's Hidden Secrets

The Mystery Unlocked

Outside the Mansion


Well, this is just a recent update, the map is still unfinished, i need to add a bos fight and fix the lights as well, but other than this, the map should be good to play or even just to explore it. It's way more updated than it was in the previous version.


- Easter Egg
Find 4 Switches
Find 4 Painting Pieces
Find the Meteors

mansion of the undead (2)


Well, i have been working on a map, which i named Mansion of the Undead, for a while, i guess map is finished, i am not going to add any other area, i just literally need a scripter for an easter egg for the map, then i will release it. Anyways, except this, here's a download to test it!!!

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