Shipment Reimagined

Shipment Reimagined
By Mr. Something

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A cargo ship with military shipment on it gets ramsacked by unknown attackers, suspected to be russia, 4 cia agents gets sent to findout what attacked the ship in the cloak of night. But it goes south real fast.


New areas
Music ee (Juggernaut music from mw19)
100+ guns
Custom perks
A simple survival map
Plenty of wall weapons
Custom characters
3 perks limit, broken perk bottles
No complicated pap steps
Small map
No double pack (AKA every gun can’t become a wunderwaffe)
Working PHD
Shootable ee (15 Ravens, you get all perks when you shoot them all.)

Guns from
– BO4
– BO3
– BO2
– MW2
– MW3
– MW19
– AW
– IW
– Ghost

New Perks

– Bull Ice Blast
– Crusaders Ale
– Timeslip
– PhD Slider (Works on custom guns)
– Bandolier Bandit
– Salvage Shake
– Atomic Liqueur
– Snails Pace

Mr. Something#6210

Known Issues –
Under barrel shotgun doesn’t make sound.
Gun’s models sometimes don’t show up in the box (It should fix itself after 1 – 3 hits.)
Red cross hairs when zombies near some thin walls.
BO4 perks glass texture is missed up.



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