Overlook Hedge Maze

Overlook Hedge Maze
By MJPWGaming

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After the events of Frozen Descent, the crew get sent into an endless cycle of death at the Overlook Hotel… enjoy your stay.

– A reimagining of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” in the form of a Zombies map
– Overlook hedge maze along with a few other areas from the hotel
– Continuation of the Labyrinth: Frozen Descent storyline
– I wrote the story/dialogue in Room 217 at the Stanley Hotel
– All weapons are meticulously tested with custom damage ranges and full controller support
– Full Easter Egg quest along with other minor Easter Eggs

How to complete the Easter Egg quest
How to build the shield (part locations)
How to get to the center from both paths / how to get to the first Mystery Box location

To see the full voice over cast list CLICK HERE

To see the full list of the people who helped make this possible CLICK HERE

If you wish to donate CLICK HERE [ko-fi.com]

If you’d like to get some Labyrinth merch CLICK HERE [shop.spreadshirt.com]

Warning to content creators: This map heavily uses music and sounds from The Shining! Turn down the music to avoid copyright claims.



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