Ice Mountain of the Dead

Ice Mountain of the Dead
By: Poptart7878

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The crew arrives at a secret German facility in the Himalayas to free the soul of Dr. Hans Mayrhofer at his original workplace before his personal experiments. But the facility has been infested with the undead, and other electrifying surprises……….Set his soul free before the hoarde takes yours!


-CoD WW2 Weapons
-Soul Boxes
-Buildable Rocket Shield
-Classic Round Music
-Custom Perk (CryoSlide Soda) thank you ABNORMAL202!
-13 Total Perks w/Wunderfizz
-Custom HUD Image
-Custom Powerup/Perk Icons
-M1911 Starting Pistol
-5 Perk Limit
-Special Boss Zombie
-Buyable Ending

Known Bugs:

-The M1911 gets lost when downed with Quick Revive. Haven’t tested on Co-Op, but on solo, the gun is lost after being ‘self-revived’
-M1911 unfortunately cannot be pack-a-punched
-Sometimes zombies will spawn in areas which aren’t yet unlocked, but will usually despawn and respawn in a closer zone.

Let me know if there are any other problems I need to address!

Thank you to JBird632, IceGrenade, and CraftDAnimations for the tutorials.



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