The Damned Of The Moor Remastered

The Damned Of The Moor Remastered
By AlfaTheseus

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The Damned of the Moor Remastered

It is recommended that this map is played with the graphical setting Volumetric Lighting enabled. Without this setting enabled, certain features will not function as intended and areas of the level will not look as they do in the provided Screenshots/Videos. Thanks!

“The Damned of the Moor Remastered” is a Updated Re-Release of the Original featuring a Graphics and Audio Overhaul, a new loadout of WW2 Era Weapons, extra mechanics such as the Buyable Perk-Slots and Teleporter from my previous maps, and a new achievable ending + reward. The map is set in an Abandoned Prison atop the Moorlands of Southern England, caught amidst a thunderstorm with heavy winds and rain.

The Layout and Gameplay are mostly the same as the Original with Improvements made where necessary such as re-balanced door prices, additional doorways/passages to allow for smoother progression of the level, and faster enemy spawning.

I’ve been working on “The Damned of the Moor Remastered” for the last 3/4 Weeks and decided to do so, so that I could have something to release in time for Halloween – but I will be working on bigger and longer projects in the future which will be completely original and not remakes/remasters like I have been doing recently. With such a short project there is likely to be some bugs/balancing that needs addressing, so please make sure to make me aware of any concerns in the comments/discussions :^)

General Features and Overview

-Obtainable Secret Reward with Optional Ending (Feel free to post your guides in the discussions)
-Small/Medium Sized Map
-Custom Teleporter System
-Entirely CoD WW2 Weapons (Other than Wonder Weapons)
-Ray Gun buff from previous maps (Double-PaP)
-Buyable Perk Slots from 1938: Full Circle return with a shorter cooldown and reduced price
-Custom Weapons


to those who have Provided Assets and gave me Assistance/Support (Let me know if I missed anybody)

-Treyarch & Activision
-Fil the Veteran
-UGO aka Wakka
-Mike Pence
-Frost Iceforge



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