Infected Street

Infected Street
Version: 0.2 By: Dark_Ninja

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After some tweaking, a small update is ready. This will add more weapons, changes to lighting and some other environmental changes, all of which I eagerly await feedback on. Explore between two houses as familys rise from the soil around, head down the alley and slay the lines of undead, or head into the open field and keep yourself open to options


Cristian_M – Winter’s Howl
tobin_g1213 – Modern Warfare Weapons
gympie6 – Black Ops Perks
shippuden1592 – Black Ops Weapons

MW1 / BO1 Weapons
Winter’s Howl
13 Perks

(NOTE: this is an earlier build of the map and I will be working on a new and better looking one with more features. I am still new to this so if there are any bugs or issues I haven’t come across post below and I’ll do my best to fix them.)



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