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In an unspecified time, humanity had disappeared from Earth. Limited resources caused them to travel away, to never be seen again. Only a small population remained, hoping that the supplies left would lead them to survival. 4 men had left their homes in search of resources in an already abandoned land where resources should be abundant. The creatures that roamed the wasteland known as the Phantoms were thought to have been created by loneliness and sadness of the Earth.

Map Version

Map Version: 1.0.5
Because steam do not always download the latest version after an update, i’ve added the actual map version in-game, so you can check if you have the latest version. If not, try unsubscribe and subscribe again to the map.

2 Game mode


True Relinquished

This mode is the original map mode, therefore also the most optimized. Here you can collect materials and use them to build your weapons, make expeditions, build ammo and repair perks. All the steps of the easter egg will be available, so also the boss fight and the completion of the map. However in this mode the zombies will not drop powerups except for “double points”, also you will not find the mystery chest.

What you will find on this mode:

– Materials gathering system.
– Craft weapon system.
– Craft ammo system.
– Material storage.
– Expeditions ship: for collection blueprints, random weak weapon, ammo and points.
– Perks must be repaired before you can use them.
– Double points is the only one powerups you can find.

Easy Relinquished

For those who do not like to collect materials, repair, build their own weapons and collect blueprints this is the mode for you. Here you will not be able to collect materials, spend them, make expeditions and you will be able to receive max ammo along with the other powerups from the zombies. However most of the easter egg steps are disabled, but you will still be able to face the boss and complete the map. You will also find the Mystery Chest.

What you will find on this mode

– Mystery Box.
– All powerups drop from zombie.

Features you will find in both mode

– Buildable Pap.
– Custom effects on PaP weapons.
– Hard boss fight.
– Custom weapons.
– Custom zombie model a.k.a. ?Phantoms?.
– Custom Perks.

– Domini99 (Ideas)
– Cobran (Ideas and testing)
– Supervale17 (Ideas)
– Elwood (Ideas and testing)
– Axy (Ideas)
– Gtlad (Script help)
– Symbo (Script Help)
– Kinglsayer Kyle (Weapon export)
– HarryBo 21 (Weapon export and main perks)
– RllyyTwitchyy (Translation of description)
– MikeyRay (Script help, Phd flopper base model)
– Holofya (Lua stuffs)
– OffTheGrid (Script Help)
– jutte (Main idea, designer, scripts)

If I forgot you in the credits let me know!


Donations are really appreciated, if you want to help! This is you’re choice!



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