Psychosis: Redemption

Psychosis: Redemption
By: Vazquez_College

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Wake up in a psychological nightmare…..
void Entities became reality from your demented mind
void full of etches of markers and chalks scattered.
a hidden sole quest to escape this nightmare….

the a right man in a wrong place can make all difference in a world
So wake up……. wake up and smell the ashes


I didn’t have time to make another map. I’ve decided to remaster
The other Version of Psychosis is still available. Sorry!
I Also want to Encourage people to create this new Genre of zombies maps
that originally came from Source games like half life, gmod, tf2, and counter strike source.
It would mean a lot 🙂



  • Main Easter Egg In Progress!
  • Curse of Missing Perk Icons. (Custom Perks only)
  • Major Graphical upgrade and Redesign
  • New zombies Sounds
  • Nova Crawlers
  • Custom Music
  • Brutus
  • Napalm zombie
  • Black ops 1 & 2 Weaponry
  • Custom Power ups
  • Custom fonts
  • Custom sounds
  • Shield
  • Soul Boxes
  • Custom Perks
  • EE song

  • Team fortress2 (Trade_Psykopat2_fix) – Connie
  • Lighting help – MikeyRay
  • Weapons – Skye
  • Custom perks – Madgaz, Logical, Harrybo21, KhelMo, F3ARxReaper
  • Custom power ups – NSZ
  • Napalm – HarryBo21
  • Brutus(Cellbreaker) – Spiki



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