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Vietnam, 1984. A desolate village lost within the dense jungle. What lies underneath can change the world forever…

Over 30 Cold War Weapons (DLC & Base Game)

Cold War Wunderfizz makes it’s debut to custom zombies, featuring 15 Perks including Elemental Pop, Fighter’s Fizz and more!

Brand new Cold War-Influenced Trial System to help reward the player by completing tasks!

Created in Vietnam, Mimics can take form of any object around the map, blend in and jump at the player!

Over 50 Locations around the map for players to dig! You might even be able to find something special!

Brand new Elemental Bows! Starting with the Recurve Bow, you can upgrade the bow to Poison, Electric, Explosive and Ice!

Created by Logical

robit – HUD, General Help, Trailer Help, Testing
raptroes – Scripting Help, Testing
Symbo – Scripting Help
Extinct – Scripting Help
Planet – T8 Perk Bottles
eMoX MaNgA – T9 Deadshot
Verk0 – Scripting Help, General Help
QuentinFTL – Zone Names
IceForge – BO4 Carpenter
Xela – General Help
Sphynx – Command Script
Adrivee – Slowdown Areas
SFL Reaction – Scripting Help
Tessa – General Help, Ideas
Madgaz – T9 Models, Testing
Dobby – LUA, T9 Wunderfizz, Mimics, Challenges LUA
Lilrifa – Immense help with LUA
ThomasCat – T9-T7 Weapon Porting Rig
Jared Tucker aka VoiceOfJared – Voice Actor, Testing
Clowned187 – Testing
RipCityJake – Testing
TonisGaming – Testing

Scobalula – Tools
Activison & Subsidiaries – Assets & Games

Cage the Elephant – Broken Boy (EE Song)

Special Thanks To:
All of my Supporters on Patreon!
All of my Donators from my Streams!

Please let me know if I am missing anyone from the credits list, thanks!



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