Mission: Mulbury

Mission: Mulbury
By: the_bibba_boy

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Welcome to Mission: Mulbury. Santa calls upon the Victus crew to set the North Pole free of Element 115. The crew must fight their way through a mock-up town, Mulbury, located 650 miles away from the North Pole. Mulbury was created by Santa himself as a battleground for our heroes to fight the corrupted. Defeat and out-last the chaos that Santa has upon himself!

This map was created for MadGaz gaming’s Holiday Mapping Contest. It was developed in 14 weeks (Roughly 3 months). Mapping and scripting was done entirely by me throughout the course of development. (Those who assisted with scripting are mentioned in the credits).

Mission: Mulbury: Notable Features

Alistair’s Foley Wonder Weapon: AKA “Santa’s Prototype”(Santa’s Solution when upgraded)

Mission: Mulbury features an ever-so loved Wonder Weapon, Alistair’s Foley, but with an XMAS twist. The base version, “Santa’s Prototype”, comes straight from the toy factory for the most well behaved boys and girls. “Santa’s Prototype” shoots an explode-on-impact snowball, killing enemies in the snowballs radius. Its upgraded version features a snowball charge up ability. When charged and fired, the snowballs launches with much greater wreckage. On impact, the snowball creates a large blizzard, dealing random effects to any zombies caught in its impact radius. The effects range from a chilling freeze, to a crazy whirlwind rag-doll. Go discover them all in game! Players can obtain the wonder weapon through random box luck, or go on a small quest to obtain it!

3 Essential Perk Activations:

The 3 core perks (Juggernog, Doubletap and Speedcola) are not turned on by the simple power switch itself. In order to power them on, the players must travel to a North Pole battle arena for each core perk in order to activate them. The battle arenas can get very hectic with the different enemy types that spawn! Make sure you come prepared to battle it out!

Present Openings:

Throughout the village, players will be able to find and open presents for random rewards, with anything from a power-up to a weak but viable gun! Make sure to collect Santa’s Scissors in order to open them, however!

Multiple Starting Pistols:

Don’t like starting with an M1911? No problem! Players start with no weapons at spawn; only a knife. Players can then select their desired weapon from 4 pistol options in the spawn room!

If you wish to support me and my future projects, please consider donating to my PayPal! ([email protected])

Other included features:
-Buyable Ending (75k)
-XMAS Styled map and decor
-Verrukt Style Spawning
-Custom Elf Zombies
-Flashlight to navigate nighttime (if needed)
-Panzer round boss
-Pack-A-Punch quest
-Ancient Evil styled challenges
-Civil protector
-TranZit Shield
-Large perk variety
-No perk limit
-Cold War and WW2 era guns
-Access to Gobblegums
-Ability to change between day and night time after perk activations
-And more!

Credits List:
Without the following people mentioned, this map would not be possible. I appreciate the work that they put towards this community!

Alistair’s Foley Weapon Model: KillerPotato
Flashlight FX, Alistair’s Foley FX and Scripting, WIP Feedback, Scripting Assistance, MW4 Materials, Ambient Sounds, Thumbnail Image: The absolute GOAT, MikeyRay
Flashlight Script, scripting assistance: Holofya
Ancient Evil Style Challenges: F3arxReaper666
Player Teleportation Script: KillJoy
Rumble Sounds, Mangler, Panzer, Perks, Behavior Trees, Physics Presets, Traps, Civil protector, Powerups, Ceiling Zombie Spawners and FX Pack: Harry BO21
Weapon Trading Table: FrostIceForge
BO4 Perk and Power-up Shaders: Robit
BO4 Victus Crew: eMoX Manga
Guns and Weapons: TheSkyeLord
TranZit Shield: Sphynx
Christmas K2 Elf Zombies, Ambient Snow FX: Ardivee
Zombies Chronicles Sound Pack: Wafflez
BO4 Zone Names: SethNorris and QuentinFTL
Cold War Jingle Hells Round Music: Garret
Traps: Symbo
Flamethrower, Model and Asset Packs: ZeRoY
Model and Asset Packs, Custom HUD, Contest Hoster: MadGaz
Mystery Box Additional Lcoations: Vertasea
Various Porting Tools Scobalula and DtzXPorter
Modme.com DtzXPorter
Devraw.net Logical Edits
If you believe that I am missing anyone/anything please do not hesitate to contact me! (TheBibbaBoy#3992 on Discord)



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