The Return to Project 420

The Return to Project 420
By: LocalBabyPoop

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The Return to Project 420

Fun Challenges Map for 420 from World at War
to just haves some 420 Fun and besting a map….

Here it is The Return

Going back to the project some time after we returned once before.
We looked around here and we see it’s diffent…
should come see it for your self.

UPDATE TO BO3…. Whats new
Wanted to do so much more but this is a three part map
I made back in the good old days
I want to stay true to the old maps
adding stuff to this one to make it look a little diffent then return v1 from waw
and the last one is going to be huge.

New Stuff
31 perks No Limit not 8 lol
There Back Dr.D and double dew and one New perk that I would get first but that just me lol….
Dr.D and double dew only have to buy one! cost 4500 now
A LOT Wonder Weapons!
152 weapons mix from all cods
Custom Zombies and more.
Custom Textures&Models
Boss fight
buy ending
Side quests/easter eggs
SONG FOR BEAR AND RADIO ARE GOOD So turn up the music thanks to bigedude33 check out his youtube:)
picture say’s not available but is if you hit f works fine
gobblegum 🙁
And a lot more 😉

HIT TAB = White screen Fix that lol trolls gone
and only thing was picture say’s not available but is if you hit f works fine
I found and left in One of the first gun daemon 3xb
I ever made LOL see who gets that…..

Localbaby – Scripter-mapper New perk scrip
Localbaby/Johanna is only 15,Derrick is only 14 – only tester for this one
bigedude33 – music

Zombie Gods:
DTZxPorter (Wraith Model Exporter)
Treyarch (Mod Tools, Being Awesome!)
T7Mods / BO3 Mod Tools – Discords
HarryBO21 – perks
Zeroy – Ideas, assets
Madgaz – Asset packs,custom cold war hud
Ice Grenade – Tutorials and ideas
JBird632 – maya tut
RedSpace200 – scripts
Symbo – no power lag



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