La Manipulation

La Manipulation
By: kennyG

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“La Manipulation” is my first CoD:WaW zombies map. I started the map back in early 2020 and have been working on it on and off. It is finally in a state where I think it is playable.
The map is set in an abandoned French resistance warehouse in occupied France used to stash stolen German weapons and technologies. After it was abandoned, groups of smugglers used it as a checkpoint until zombies arrived and overran warehouse. (I didn’t consider the setting/lore too much when creating the map).

These are bugs I am aware are present in the map but I am unsure on how to fix. If you know how to fix them please let me know and I will try to patch them as soon as possible. If you find any bugs which I did not mention please let me know.
– If you die, you respawn with no weapon. Buying a weapon will result in you only having 1 weapon, which can be fixed by PaP.
– Music player does not play song.
– Zombies will occasionally confused and stay still. This usually occures when taking a certain path through the map, but not always.
– Wunderwaffe glitch.
Special thanks to LumaDooma for helping with the map.



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