SpaceBalls – The World Smallest Cracker

Spaceballs - The World Smallest Cracker
By: LocalBabyPoop

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The world Smallest Cracker

Fun and Probably the hardest OWC Challenges Map One window Cracker 🙂
haves some Fun and beat the map in this tiny place….
hardcore mode for more of a challenge!

31 perks Limit 4 on hard core!
There here double dew and one New perk that I would get first but that just me lol….
double dew only have to buy one! cost 4500 now
A LOT Wonder Weapons!
Custom gun made for DKnight 420
152 weapons mix from all cods
Custom Zombies and more.
Custom Textures&Models
Boss fight no it would of been crazy tho..
something different for ending
buy ending
Hardcore quests/Easter eggs
Hardcore Mode Completion with Video Proof will make be on a Leader board
gobblegum 🙁
mods 🙁

Before update
Old HardCore Leaderboard – Solo

00:15:16 Slim Pickens Records
00:15:26 DannyCrewPlays
00:16:43 DKnight 420
00:20:01 Slim Pickens Records

Old HardCore Leaderboard – Coop
00:00:00 No Records

After update
New HardCore Leaderboard – Solo

00:16:00 Slim Pickens Records

New HardCore Leaderboard – Coop

00:00:00 No Records

BUGS: I could not beat the map on hardcore lol!!

Localbaby – Scripter-mapper New perk scrip
Localbaby/Johanna is only 15,Derrick is only 14 – only tester for this one

Zombie Gods:
DTZxPorter (Wraith Model Exporter)
Treyarch (Mod Tools, Being Awesome!)
T7Mods / BO3 Mod Tools – Discords
HarryBO21 – help with his perks
Zeroy – assets
Madgaz – custom cold war hud
Ice Grenade – Tutorials and ideas help with hardcore script
JBird632 – maya tut
RedSpace200 – scripts
Symbo – no power lag

Cheat sheet:To beat the map

Open the gate.
and get out…



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