Take Off

Take Off
By: PamojoYT

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New Black Ops 1 Custom Survival Map (Take Off)
You And The Crew Got Teleported To this Small Facility And Ran Into An Error That Turnt Everyone Into Richtofen


*6 Wallbuys
*4 Players Can Have The Crossbow
*Added Double Tap 2.0
*Moved Mp40 WallBuy
*Added Stamin-Up
*Fixed Dogs Not Spawning Sometimes
*Added Teddy Bears
*More Details
*Added Mixed Rounds
*PowerUps Have Been Fixed They Can Spawn Everywhere Inside The Map
*Changed The Player Spawns
*Added Another Wall Buy
*Fixed Dogs Bugging Out  When Not In Spawn They can Spawn Anywhere Now
*Added 3 Tap System
*Changed The Player Models
*1 New Perk Slot
*Changed Player Models
*New Playable Areas
*Removed 3 Tap System
*Changed A few Things Around
*V4 Update*
*Fixed The Cage Dog
*Moved Wall Buys
*Final Update

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