Tower Mix

Tower Mix
By Klaudeh

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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

3 maps in one. . . Thats all what you need to know. This time i bring a collab with my friend Crepp115 who was so kind to give me the files of some of my favorite and maybe some of the favorite towers of the community hehe. Unlike my others maps this one needs T4M because the use of fx’s by the wonder weapons and the bosses. So if the map gives you an error while loading just spam the play button haha.
With this map i just make a “mix” of Minecraft Tower, The Gray Tower And Color Tower with some improvements as: New and updated textures for the Minecraft tower, fix of some bugs with colisions, new lightning and a lot of weapons from bo3, bo2, bo1 and iw. Also you have 2 songs easter eggs in the map which can be activated shooting some hiding creepers in minecraft towers and a couple of bears on color tower.
¡Nothing more to say about this map except i hope you enjoy it and good luck making your way up to the top of the towers!
This map features:
– Custom Weapons from BO3, BO2, BO1 and IW
– 3 wonder weapons per tower (Forge Freeze, Freeze gun and the Apothicon Servant)
– PanzerSoldat
– Zombie Hazmat
– Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3 Perks
– 3 hits system
– Mob Of The Dead Zombies (Alcatraz)
– Minecraft Zombies
– Bo3 HUD (kinda)
– Power ups customs (Money Power Up and Pack and Punch Power Up)
– Custom Player Model and Hands
– Sprinters
– Hug Fix and Bo1 knife
– Buyable ending
– Custom Camos
– Custom Perk Icons
– Hitmarkers
– Colored zombie counter
– 2 easter egg songs
– Crepp115 (Map Prefabs and ideas for the map)
– Shippuden1592 (Some bo3 weapons, IW Weapons, Forge Freeze, Freeze Gun, Power up Money, Sprinters, Zombie Hazmat)
– Ricko0z (Bo3 Weapons, Bo2 Weapons and Bo1 Weapons)
– BluntStuffy (PanzerSoldat)
– Gympie6 (Perks of Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3)
– TaXi (3 hits system)
– ThunderFrosty (Several Video Tutorials, Customizable Bo2 HUD, Minecraft Zombies)
– Gogeta (Pack and Punch Power Up)
– Steviewonder87 (Zombie Hug fix and bo1 knife)
– SajeOne (Buyable Ending)
– Kielrgz (Mob Of The Dead Zombies, Custom Camo, Custom Perk Icons, Help with scripts,  ideas for the map)
– Cajz (Coop testing and suggestions)
– Tim / M0xf / GeekComm (Custom box from bo3, Bo3 power up models and teddy)
– 0taku (Bo3 HUD textures)
– BaD BoY 17 Aka “Tim Smith” (Some bo3 weapons)
– PROxFTW / MZslayer11 (Hitmarkers)
 Robit (Bo4 chalk for buyable weapons)
– WhiteDevilHD (Multi color zombie counter)
– Ege115 (Script for music easter egg)
– KhelMho (Nuketown Player Model and Viewhands)

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