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Hi everyone! I’m posting an old map that I’ve made about 2 years ago during the pandemic to avoid the boring, is a pretty basic map, it’s based on a pretty special place to me.
I added bam Bo1 perks and 2 custom perks, custom perk icons, custom PaP camo, double PaP that give elemental affinity to the weapons, custom weapons like the proteus from IW and the Blundergat from BO2, I’ve also added some custom power ups.
This maps is pretty old while I was unnexperienced about modding or coding, in fact nowadays I’ve forgotten how to use Radiant xD, so this map have some minor issues.
Known issues:
– The monkey bombs doesn’t work well in this map
– Even though electricity is activated on the map some perk machines show the message that the power needs to turn on, but the perks can be purchased
– Some textures doesn’t work well, but it still playable
– If you run while you’re taking the free perk power up you cannot get the perk
– If you run while you’re knocking down the map would crash
– Some text written in english on the map are poorly written

Credits for the people that made the mods I’ve used
–  @jei9363 he post the Bam_bo1 perks, the wunderfizz script, vulture aid and electric cherry
– @BluntStuffy he post the elemental ammo script and the proteus model
– @espi_thekiller he post the knee slide script
– @DidUknowiPwn he post the random perk power up
– F3ARxReaper666 he made the guardian angel ale perk
– I cannot find or remember the nickname of the guy that made the blundergat, the only thing that I can remember is that he talk spanish too and made a custom map based in his high school (If someone know who is him please tell me to give him propper credits)

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