Project Elemental

Project Elemental
By: Polystyreeni

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Project Elemental
“Our four heroes used the teleporter in Hanoi and got themselves in the middle of a jungle. After some aimless searching they find a huge research center hidden in the middle of nowhere. They soon realize that the events in Hanoi were just the tip of the iceberg. And it seems that Ricthofen knows a bit too much about this facility and it’s only alive inhabitant.”

NOTE: This mod has some copyrighted music, so if you’re planning on making a video, you might want to turn your music volume down!

After 2 and half years of development, Project Elemental is out! Welcome to my first (and most likely last) Black Ops 3 zombies map.

-Four elemental wonder weapons + ultimate versions, all custom
-A full quest with a boss fight and ending cutscene
-Afterlife / SOE beastmode system
-Many bosses, including Avogadro and Engineer, ready to ruin your day
-Weapons ranging from WaW to WWII, mostly from Ghosts
-Origins style generator system
-Custom perk
-Multiple gamemodes
-Point sharing: use 1 (default) to drop some cash to your friends

-Normal: Pretty much your average modern Treyarch zombies map
-Classic: Back to the days when zombies was about surviving. Ultimate wonder weapons are easily obtainable. No afterlife, no quest. Activate power, pack a punch some weapons and kick ???!
-Gungame: Pretty much what you’d expect. First one to go through all weapons wins.
-Scavenger: No mystery box, no wall weapons. Those pesky zombags have all your weapons. Better get them back soon.

DTZxPorter: Tools like Wraith, Kronos, and Wraith Reverant, L3ak Mod for lua
Scobalula: Tools like Greyhound, Cerberus, HydraX, Dual Render scopes and other useful tuts (Big thanks to all your work)
Collie: Conversion Rig and Maya shelf
Se2Dev: SETools, lua
Nukem: Lua
HarryBO21: A lot of Script Help, perks, traps, tutorials
BluntStuffy: A lot of script help since WaW days
NateSmithZombies: Script Help
Abnormal202: Script Help
MakeCents: Script Help
Jon Ford: Radiant Help
JBird632: Radiant and script help
Matarra: Script Help
DuaLVII: Script Help
Erthrock: Character and Shangri-La zombie models
Spiki: Script help
DrLilRobot: Script Help
Ducky: Random Starting weapon script
Ardivee: Mud script, tutorials, Der Eisendrache vox
Symbo: Script Help, Point share script, traps
Redspace200: Jump Pads
Verk0: Radiant Help (especially with lighting)
TheSkyeLord: WW2, MWR and MW3 weapons
Idogftw: Provided me with afterlife models & anims
Jr Rizzo: Shadowman vox
Blak: Weapon sound template, reticles
Thomas Cat: Maya Help
Cornrow Wallace: Useful streams, Radiant Help
GCPeinhardt: ZC voices
Wafflez: ZC sounds
Mick Gordon: Boss fight music
Beast in Black: EE song

And of course:
Treyarch, Infinity ward, Sledgehammer and Id-software for amazing (and less amazing) content.

-Polystyreeni, ihmiskeho, MdMaxx, Kunjora

Missing from this list? Let me know!

Update Jan 26:

-Improved avogadro with hitmarkers/sounds so you know when you’re dealing damage to him
-On solo, you now have 3 afterlifes, similar to motd and soe
-Reload quotes now twice as rare
-Added some guidance to the map, so you know where to go (hopefully)
-Some door prices lowered
-Some hints to the ee added / made more obvious
-Stones will now display a hintstring if you try to grab one while already owning one
-Added some nice rewards for those who throughly explore the map
-You can now exit the underground area once the lockdown is completed
-Weapon file tweaks

-Pre-bossfight game over is no more
-Boss freezing on coop fixed
-Boss swarm attack fixed
-Boss rocket attack fx fixed
-Deathbarrier near box fixed
-You can no longer get stuck in the hole near pack-a-punch
-Clipping improved on some areas
-Slow melee with pistols, when you clip is empty
-You can no longer revive yourself with projectile weapons
-Players joining mid-game should now spawn in correct locations
-Wunderfizz near PHD can now be turned on
-Perks in gungame now disable properly

With that all said, Enjoy!




By: Madgazgaming

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Our 4 heroes find themselves trapped in an old English mining town, what secrets have Group 935 been hiding here
will this be their Atonement……

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AtonemenT credits

Mapping Credits
Myself – main mapping structure and areas
Nuceda – Banana Colada building and adjacent building
Hoodedsniper – Speed Cola Building
Jon Ford – Base layout of Tele Room

Planet – Main EE and many fixes of other scripts
lil Rifa – spawn rush rewards system and lua
Abnormal – Spawn rush and Fire fuel soda perk
Harrybo21 – Wonder weapon/ perks
Symbo – script bundle help and fixes
Will Smith – Custom soul chest , Teleporting Pap, Auto mine cart system
Ardivee – custom boss rounds and boss fight 
Kaizokuroof – Custom teleporter script
Redspace – Jump pad
Forges – weapon swap table

Divinefury – starting weapon, fire fuel soda machine, mystery box , boss round model rigging, plus many enviroment assets
Zeroy – porting many ww2 models
Rob – rail cart machine
Daan Hesterman – Wonderweapon, extractor machines and coin machines

Custom Animations
Divinefury – Enemy boss full anims, Wonder weapon, Mystery Box

Glitch – loading screen & numerous graphic designs
Complx – thumbnail, map select screen, poster
Robit – Spawn Rush popups
Divinefury – Retextured wonder weapon

skyeslord – ww2 weapons
Blak – Hyde ww2 weapon

Additional help
Scob/porter – wraith / greyhound extraction program
Scob – Hydra
Z1620 – reward images
Zeroy – countless hours of help
Seth Norris – countless hours of help
Verko – Lighting assistance and bug finding
Xela – Bug fixing on lights

Testers – Xela, robit ,xpicious , kunjora, scorpolio

A massive thanks to all the people who have helped on this map , if I have forgot anyone please drop me a line and I?ll add you to it



Frigid V2

Frigid V2
By: steviewonder87

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A secret Group 935 base located in the Arctic region. Many years after the war, as part of Operation Paperclip, the US discovered intel on the top secret base and decided to continue the research and expand the base with the help of their new Nazi allies. Who knows what mysteries lay beneath the ice…



You will need to LOAD the FRIGID MOD from the main menu BEFORE launching the map.

YOU CANNOT PLAY with any other mods enabled. (If you would like a custom version that allows other mods to be enabled on this map then PM me on here or on Twitter and I might be able to help you).

If you enjoy this map and would like to see more like it in the future, please consider making a donation to the creators to show your appreciation it would mean a lot –


– Main EE
– Side EEs
– Challenges
– Sidestepping/Stumbling/Rolling zombie behaviours from SOE/Ascension
– Multiple bosses + Nova Crawlers + Custom Hellhounds
– Custom weapons (mostly updated BO1 loadout)
– Wonder Weapons including the Winter’s Howl MK2, Scavenger, OIP and DG4s
– Boss fight


HarryBo21 for massive help including the majority of the scripts, some weapons, ported fx and testing
Flipthebit for scripting the final boss fight and original version of the Winter’s Howl MK2
MakeCents for scripting some of the main EE steps
Tito for help with the original BO1 weapons and the acquisition of some models
Redspace for (originally) scripting the Host boss
Zeroy for help troubleshooting early on in development
CHN for the original blockout for the Five pig room and a few Five based prefabs
WarMachine for the name of the map, inspiration for the setting and guardtower prefab (mainly added as a homage to the original ‘Frigid‘)
DTZxPorter for creating Wraith
Matarra for original teleporting script
ProRevenge for his updated Ray Gun
uptownpapi25 for his custom video tutorial
Tatsu for porting some BO3 models
Scobalula for his duel render tut/help
Kabe for his continuous dog spawning script
Azsry for his custom slide animation tutorial
(If I’ve forgotten anyone msg me and I’ll add you.)

Follow me for updates on future maps.



Khufu’s Revenge!

Khufu's Revenge!
By: logical

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How To:


Created by Logical Edits, Skalv & Ice Grenade, otherwise known as SLI Studios

This is the First Episode within a 4-part episodic series of Zombies Maps within the Furari Universe. An experience created by SLI Studios.

If you enjoyed this map, please consider giving a like rating! Thank you!

4 Treasure Hunters within the Furari Universe heard rumors of a desirable relic held deep within Khufu’s Tomb… Will they recover the treaure they long seek after, or will they succumb to the darkness overwhelming the pyramids?



  • 15 Perks / 14 in Solo (No Tombstone)
  • Full Main Easter Egg Quest
  • Multiple Side Quests
  • Multiple Wonder Weapons
  • Poison Gas Zones / Gas Masks
  • BO1 / BO2 / Ghosts Weapons


Logical Edits – Mapping / Idea / Creator
SKALV – Mapping / Idea / Creator
IceGrenade – Mapping / Creator / Fonts / Tutorials
Spiki / Mathfag – Scripting Main Quest / Elemental Bows / Gas Zones / Scripting Help
Zixology – Scripting Side Quests
Symbo – Challenges Scripts
HarryBo21 – Perks / Mysterybox / Shield
Abnormal202 – Snail’s Pace Perk / Cryo-Slide Perk
Kaizokuroof – Salvage Shake Perk
Madgaz – Ammo-Matic
Jbird632 – Music EE / Tutorials
Frosty – Colored Eyes
robit – BO4 Power-Up Shaders
TheSkyeLord – Weapon Ports
Erthrocks – Shangri-La / Kino Zombie Models
DTZxPorter – Wraith / Wiki Help
Scobalula – Greyhound
Treyarch / Infinity Ward / Activsion / CDPROJECKTRED – Amazing Games <3
Avenged Sevenfold – Easter Egg Song (Hail to the King)

If I’m missing anyone please contact me and I will make changes as credit is due to where its due.


Thanks for playing our map! Please leave comments / thoughts / bugs / suggestions down below in the comments. We’ll be reading each and every one. Hope you all enjoy!

Total time to Create: 10 Weeks





Requiem For Richtofen Primi

Requiem For Primis Richtofen
By: Jimmy_94

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How To:


After rescuing future versions of themselves in Area 51, Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and new Richtofen are determined to continue their journey, but something unexpected happens when going through the portal…

  • Boss fight
  • Ending cutscene
  • Multiple side quests
  • Challenges
  • Custom dialogues between characters


About the map

This map contains narrative elements and doesn’t follow regular zombies guidelines, at least during most of the experience. To be able to enjoy it at a 100%, I’d recommend getting up to date with the Aether story line and put music and SFX at max in the game settings, then regulate master volume however you want.
The map is divided in three chapters, each with their own enviroment and mechanics: the first one is based on exploration and on players movement; the second one will put you trough several challenges; and the last one will conclude the map at the purest zombie style: rounds, easter egg, boss fight and cinematic.


If you enjoyed the map, the best way to support me is following me on Twitter (@gbergames) and keeping up with my new projects. You have a link on the links section.

Also you can donate if you’d like: PayPal[]

However, if you liked the map, leave a nice comment and i’ll read it.


English translation

TheDawnFox ->YouTube Channel[]
cesar_ye -> Twitter


Piano jingles -> HerbertBoland (Link)[]
Chapter 1 song -> remaxin (Link)[]
Cutscene song -> Kistol (Link)[]


HarryBo21 -> localized strings
Redspace200 -> jump pad
NateSmithZombies -> brutus
WARDOGSK93 -> WunderFizz, bo2 perks
xSanchez78 -> Who’s Who
GRAFFITI -> missing sounds, Wall buys Chalks
HITMANVERE -> missing sounds

IceGrenade, JBird632, Wakka -> youtube tutorials

Jugar en español

El mapa también cuenta con textos en español.
Si tu juego está en cualquier otro idioma, simplemente tienes que cambiar el idioma a español desde las propiedades del juego.




By:eMoX MaNgA

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Steam Page:

How To:

A Japanese park has become radiated… Special force from the 54i and some iconic characters are called in to investigate what is going on but nothing goes to plan…

Version : 1.1 —CONTENT— -Challenges (Can be done in coop too) -Main Quest -Side Quests -Game mode selection -Gun Game -Custom HUD -Custom weapons (BO4, BO3, MWR) -Custom DeathMachine (MWR Minigun) -Shangri-La Zombies models -Custom PaP Camo -All language support -Zombies Chronicle sounds effect -Custom Characters (BO3 MP, BO4) -New power system -Spikes -Custom Powerup (Gun Game) -Loadscreen -EE Wonder weapon

—CRÉDITS— (If i forgot you in crédits, sorry and let me know !) : Mapping : eMoX MaNgA – Blueshark (Base layout). Scripting/LUA : Symbo (Challenges, EE, Spikes) – QuentinFTL (GunGame, Select Menu, quest inventory, various help) – Makecents (Base GunGame Script) – Alexisloic21 (Custom powerups script) – Clix (Some audio parts, popup hud, side ee ,various help) – Jari (LUA BO1 HUD) – eMoX MaNgA (BO3 Style adaptation of HUD) – lilrobot (inspection). Weapons : ElTitoPricus (All BO4 ports) – eMoX MaNgA (BO3 ports, BO4 weapons sound setup, Custom PaP Camo) – TheSkyeLord (MWR ports) – ninjamanny829 (BO3 Mosin) – raptroes (Ballistic Knife, Semtex). Modeling/Animation : Divinefury (Custom powerup models, BO3 weapons inspection, PHD Model). Art : Clix (Loadscreen, thumbnail, Quest tab template) – eMoX MaNgA (Images Challenges, Popup etc.) – iPhoZe (Game mode images, templates) – robit (Perk BO4 Style). Testers: Clix – Symbo – iPhoZe – QuentinFTL – alexisloic21 – ZeRoY – BluEShark – Symbiote. Tools : Treyarch (Mod tools) – Porter (Kronos, Wraith) – id-daemon (Wraith) – Scobalula (Hydrax and Greyhound). Misc : eMoX MaNgA (Seraph) – Zeroy (BO4 Misty, Shang monkeys, various help) – TheBlackDeath (Woods – Mason) – ApexModder (BO4 Barricades) – HarryBO21 (Perks) – Ardivee (Ambient room) – NateSmithZombies – Erthrock (Zombies models) – Renegade (Woods and Mason vox lines).

Sorry for my English (im French), if you have bugs, suggestions or if you enjoy the map let me know in the comments section !




By: I haZzZ RabieZ

MW2 Rust Zombies BO3 Edition.

V7.0 Update out now, boss fight included.

Follow me on twitter for news and updates:


If you enjoy my work, you could donate here ;D

– Boss Fight
– Buyable Ending
– Psh Museum
– 100+ Perfected Custom Weapons
– Napalm Zombie
– Shrieker Zombie
– Jugtus
– Panzer
– Teleporter / Super Sprinter
– Snails Pace / Cryo Slide
– Custom Powerups
– Gambler

Cataclysm Small Targets: 20, spawn out of like 25 locations randomly each game
– Give 250 points each
– After 5: Free Perk Drop
– After 10: Double Points becomes Triple Points
– After 15: Pap Powerups Spawn
– All 20: All perks awarded and kept throughout the game.

– jdcobra1
– Harry Bo21
– TheKillerey
– DTZxPorter
– natesmithzombies
– Red Planet
– elricos
– Exofile
– The Black Death
– Frost Iceforge
– John Burnette
– Jia909
– Scobalula
– Abnormal202
– Kingslayer Kyle
– TheSkyeLord
– ProRevenge
– death_reaper0
– raptroes
– Sp33dy
– TheSkyeLord
– ElTitoPricus
– Lethal Peelz
– ZoekMeMoar
– John Burnette
– Mathfag
-If I missed someone, hmu.




1 Player
Rank Player Round Watch
2 Players
Players Round Watch
3 Players
Players Round Watch
4 Players
Players Round Watch

Operation Loucher

Operation Loucher
By: Madgazgaming

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

The last of the bombs have dropped, you are stranded, this small operations bunker is your only salvation… will you escape or suffer the same fate as those before you ?

This map has been made purely as a small survival map
It contains features that will hopefully suit all play styles

There is an Easter Egg
There is Challenges
There is a Story Line

Mapping – Madgaz
Pap Room Mapping – Xela
Scripting – Apex Modding, QuentinFTL
Custom Models – Divine Fury
WW2 Weapon Ports – The Skyelord
Souled Out Soul Boxes – Makecents
Dig sites – Harrybo21
Challenge Board – Apex Modding
Orgins Zombies – Apex Modding
Lua – NoobForLunch
Zeroy – Countless advice, scripting snippets and help
Robit – BO4 power icons
Frost Ice – Weapon Trading Table
Scobalula/Porter – Wraith/Greyhound (ripping tools)
Xspicious – Testing, Guidance and massive amounts of help
Xela – Testing, bug finding and trailer (TBR)
Keagan – Audio Radio VOX
Glitchalodon – Loading Screen Image
Also a massive thanks to all the play testers who helped find bugs during beta

If i have missed anyone out please let me know and ill add you







By: ZeRoY

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

In a totally wonky and parallel universe, Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinsky, Nero Blackstone & Scarlett Rhodes found themselves in a Ghost Town somewhere in Arizona where they are “Wanted” by just about everything that moves.

As the synopsys above shows this map was made with fun in mind, not cannon 🙂 – I really like the western era and a certain trilogy of movies so…

Inspired by great map like Buried or Games like Red Dead Redemption and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, I present “WANTED” a map which should keep casual entertained but should also put the pro to the test if they want to complete the Main quest.

There are a number of side quests also and many small easter eggs for good measure.

Map took almost year to make, I started it back in March 2018, I would estimate having spent well over 1000h on this level which is as custom as it gets for BlackOps 3 Zombies!

Finally I have to thank DivineFury [], modeler and animator extraordinaire who was commissioned for many of the weapons and models you will see in this map. Huge thanks to HarryBo21, IamMichael and Ardivee for the help on hard bugs. Also a big thanks to Glitching Queen for being very enthusiastic about the map and helping modding community!

Have fun and see if you can be the fastest shot in the West!

Modded content includes: Hud, Zombies, Ai, Perks, Weapons, Fxs, Models, Sounds, mechanics.
Many weapons, most directly from the era with a few more recent added for balance.


Zeroy – Ardivee – HarryBo21 – Alexisloic21 – WillJones – Makecents – QuentinFTL
JerriGaming – Symbo – Lilrobot – Seth Norris – NateSmithZombies – Lilrifa


DivineFury – ElTitoPricus – TheSkyeLord
Elfenliedtopfans – HarryBo21 – JBird632
Erthrock – ApexModder – Paranoia D – Madgaz


DTZxPorter – Nukem – Se2Dev – Scobalula
Collie – Makecents – Blak – Aszry


RudySPG – Pr3dat0r – Azurite

Various help/Testers

Madgaz – IamMichael – Glitching Queen- Robit – Retro – Verk0 – Hitman
Lilrobot – Alexbegt – Frosty – IceGrenade – Joe Trocious – Blueshark
Revers – Raze – Clix – eMoX Manga – Flowing – MJPWGaming


Treyarch – SledgeHammer Games – Infinity Ward – Raven – Techland Publishing

Music Credits

Johnny Cash : Rusty Cage (1991)
Ennio Morricone : Good Bad and Ugly (1967)

Extra Notes

******* DO NOT USE FAST_RESTART **********

I worked with so many great modders, if I ommited someone in the credits please get in touch!
For Streamers / Youtubers, avoid gramophone in Hotel and something to do with “115” for those copyright musics!




Return to Das Herrenhaus

Return to Das Herrenhaus
By: Seth Norris

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

A strange boarding school lies abandoned after WW2 in occupied Germany. Or is it…


Das Herrenhaus is a zombie single player/Co-op map based in Der Riese style scripts and tries to capture the kino der toten feel. It represents an elite boarding school ruled by nazi scientists.

Background Story: In the last days of WW2 all communication with a strange Group 935 facility is lost. Reports speak of a boarding school ruled by a nazi officer, and identified member of the group 935, the doctor Hermann Schuster. With the war finished, the strange place was closed and abandoned. Nothing was heard of the students, professors, or even the doctor Schuster himself. A week later, somehow, some friendly faces landed inside the cursed building… The locals still remember that day, those screams, those lights…

  • Complete, circular and challenging map for regular zombie games
  • WW2 and cold war era themed guns with custom PaP and working attachments
  • Optional Major EE that starts with the release of a very hard Zombie Boss
  • Secondary EE with mysterious rewards
  • And much more I don’t want to spoil


Due to the way the game is coded, the only possible way to have audio in the loading cinematic requires a mod, subscribe if you want that audio, the mod doesnt add or change anything else.


Sethnorris for mapping, code and pretty much all
Ardivee, Symbo, Harrybo21, Madgaz, Zeroy, QuentinFTL, StevieWonder87, Alexisloic21 and many more for being awesome and making this map possible.

(Description will be improved)