Omaha Beach
By: Alex ‘SparkyMcSparks’ Romo

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1. Omaha Beach

Map Created by Alex ‘SparkyMcSparks’ Romo (Email: [email protected])

Details: Experience June 6, 1944 on the Normandy Coast as D-Day invasion begins.
Note About It Being Short: It’s supposed to be a short little expierence and doesn’t have the typical CoD gun gameplay like in stock missions. My next (Coop) map will have all that. 🙂
Note About The Ending: It’s unwinnable, it lasts however long you manage to defend the Americans off in front. – Alex ‘SparkyMcSparks’ Romo

Game: Call of Duty: World At War
Supported Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Supported Version: 1.4+
Supported Gametype: Singleplayer
Map Size: 1 : Single Player

Installation Instructions:

Once the files are properly placed…
1) Launch up Call of Duty: World At War Singleplayer.
2) Go to the Mods menu and select ‘Omaha Beach’.
a. If you do not see it, you did not properly place the files in their respectively directories or are not patched to the latest version.
3) Press ~ to bring down console.
a. If nothing happens pressing ~, go to Options > Game Options and click ‘Enable Console’.
4) Type /map omahabeach
5) Enjoy!

contains all the source files I made for this map. Be aware, I included a modified Garand SP xmodel file with the LoD edited since it was disappearing on drone soldiers that were far away from bunker vantage point, and modified some utility files.
*Note: If you just want to play the map, don’t worry about this file/zip.



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