ZM Insane 100
By: DKA_Masta

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THIS IS 64 zombies ment for BIG maps, like scrapyard.
added some start money for smaller maps, to get out of start area.
WARNING: This is hardcore zombies.
This is a mod that works on all maps, this is not a map.

zombie amount in 1 wave : 64 (instead of normal 24)
zombie run speed max
zombie spawn speed max
zombie counter
start money 3000
JUGG and STAMINA 10.000
PAP 10000/10000
added timed mode

in development:
adding robots/monsters
adding grief (in development bij JBIRD)
adding 8 players (as of now not possible twitter message from PCDEV)
adding 2nd weapon(open for suggestions, which gun,galil would be nice)

we are fans of WAW Realism insane mode mod. (which is currently in development at UGX)



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