ZM Bots
By: UnDeaD

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What is this?

It’s a mod that adds bots to pretty much any zombie map that exists.

Bots are able to:
  • Wander, stay or follow you
  • Kill zombies
  • Buy random box weapons
  • Upgrade weapons
  • Buy perks
  • Buy doors
  • Revive
  • Pick up power-ups
  • Use 2 weapons


They have:
  • Increasing health (to a limit)
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Faster health regeneration (so they don’t die so fast)


Bots can buy perks:
  • Double Tap
  • Speed Cola
  • Quick Revive
  • Electric Cherry



Press 3 to select bot / all bots.
Press 4 to cycle between behaviors.
Press V and Space to toggle powerup seeking.
Controls are also indicated at the start of the match.

Bot modes:
  • Wander: Bots wander around the map. They engage any zombies they find, and they buy doors when they have enough points.
  • Stay: Bots move to the position of the player and defend there. They will only move around when they are in danger. When someone is down, they will try to revive him and then return to the position.
  • Follow: Bots follow the player. They run to and engage zombies freely. If they are too far from the player or the area is clear, they return to him. They also buy doors that are near the player.


Known issues:
  • Bots might run into walls. Since they use the same routes that the zombies use, it might happen that they want to go to places they cannot reach. If this happens they will switch to other waypoints.
  • Bots get stuck in airlocks on Moon when in Wander mode. Follow mode works fine.
  • Bots have pathing issues on Shi No Numa. I don’t recommend playing with them on it.


To play on split screen:
Originally posted by WarpSpider:

Make sure not to activate splitscreen until in the Zombies lobby and make sure “player” is first(on top) and “player1” is below on the player list.



IMPORTANT: Don’t use developer mode!
To change the number of bots you just have to change the player limit in the lobby.
If bots don’t spawn, then your Player Limit is probably set to 1. Just change it to the desired number.
If you have any problems, just comment in Bugs & Issues section and I will respond ASAP.

This mod is still WIP.

Have fun!



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