My Little Pony Characters For BO3
By Zeus KrAZy

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Black Ops 3 will never be the same again.

Enter a whole new black ops universe as…ponies? This sure is interesting.

Play campaign with the pony crew making their way to the objective!

Campaign Characters:

Rainbow Dash as Hendricks.
Spitfire as Taylor.
Lightning Dust as Sarah Hall.
Blaze as Maretti.
Fleetfoot as Diaz.
Night Glider as Khalil.
Twilight Sparkle as Rachel Kane.
Scootaloo as the Player. (Male and Female.)

Play multiplayer with the pony crew to fight off the enemy team!

Multiplayer Characters:

Ruin – Rainbow Dash
Outrider – Twilight Sparkle
Prophet – Starlight Glimmer
Battery – Pinkie Pie
Seraph – Sunset Shimmer
Nomad – Fluttershy
Reaper – Robot Pony
Spectre – Rarity
Firebreak – Applejack

The mane eight make their appearance in the zombie storyline! Fight though zombie hordes as your favourite pony!

Zombie Characters:

Rainbow Dash as Dempsey.
Pinkie Pie as Nikolai.
Applejack as Takeo.
Twilight Sparkle as Richtofen.
Starlight Glimmer as Jack Vincent.
Sunset Shimmer as Floyd Campbell.
Fluttershy as Jessica Rose.
Rarity as Nero Blackstone.

Here’s a zombie character pack that swaps the Shadows of Evil models with Der Esiendrache. (And vice versa):

Works in easter egg cutscenes! It may not look right at some parts though…

These models aren’t “perfect”, I just wanted to see how these would look in Black Ops 3.

This mod includes a custom Equestrian font for the text.

This mod should work on (almost) all custom maps. But it may not work if the map has custom characters on it.

Special thanks to Soul Beat for the player icons and thumbnail of this mod.
Special thanks to Blackabyss98 for helping playtest this mod.
Special thanks to Noobforlunch for helping me figure out how to make custom playermodels.

Have fun! Also please report any bugs in the Bug Reports Discussion or in the comments below!

Resources: (For the campaign outfits) (Reaper) (Equestrian font)

If you literally came here to post comments about hating bronies, they will be deleted on sight. No one cares about your opinion of what you think about bronies.



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