BO3 Custom Maps Not Working Due To Game Language

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Some BO3 maps are not playable because of your games language.  With this work around you should be able to play any map that is not playable due to your game language.  I've tested this using the English version of BO3, but this will work for all versions of the game.  The easiest way to fix this problem is to change your game language to English, but apparently this is not possible on all versions of the game.

EASY WAY Change Game Language:

Steam Library, Right click on Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Properties, Language, and change it to English.

If you don't have this option to change your language, follow below to get the map to work.

Language Codes:

bp = Brazilian Portuguese
ea = (not sure)
en = English
es = Spanish
fr = French
ge = German
it = Italian
ja = Japanese
po = Polish (not sure)
ru = Russian
sc = Sardinian (not sure)
tc = (not sure)

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