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I used to use the UGX Launcher and ModMe Launcher, but since they require you to connect to their servers they suck.  Both launchers have been taken down so now they are useless. 

You are in complete control of this launcher so it will never break. 

Starts your Call of Duty World at War with selected mod.



– Launch Call of Duty World at War with selected mod or with no mod
– Option to play zombie map directly
– Change resolution to: Fullscreen / 1920×1080 / 1280×720 / 640×480
– Taskkill option to exit the Call of Duty engine ( also as trayicon )
– Option to open the root folder of Call of Duty or the Modfolder
– Option to open some modtools -> Launcher / Radiant / Asset Manager / Asset Viewer / FX Editor

I wish you a frustration-free launching :)

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