Nazi Zombie OP4

Nazi Zombie OP4
By: Gbomb

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nazi_zombie_op4 is a large scale zombie map.  It has been a map I’ve worked on for many months.  From my original map Outpost set in a German ammo dump, it has evolved to Japanese outpost.  I’ve added lots of new features to keep it crazy.  All new playing areas to explore. OP4 offers the most recent release of the Dark Gun Mod,  a totally awesome creation by  Darkrapture1 and Darkflameq. The only map specifically designed to take full advantage of this mod, Hope you like our creation!


– All Verruckt features and sounds.
– Custom weapons.
– Custom weapons skins.
– Custom zombies.
– Lots of unlockable rooms and doors.
– Perk-a-Cola, including juggernaut.
– Power switch and custom wall of fire defense.
– Mounted machine gun.
– Moving weapons box.
– Bouncing Betty.
– Lots of special effects and more!

The Storyline:

Your a member of an elite special op. crew.  You and your mates have been sent to help locate and retrieve a military pilot downed behind Japanese lines during the peak of WW2.  You’ve parachuted into the location of the plane only to find yourself in the middle of nowhere, but you are not alone.   At first it sounds as if the enemy has spoted you, but your fears prove to be wrong there are no Japanese soldiers to be found.  The Japanese zombie corpses have however decided to greet you!
The mission:

Work your way up the river and locate the power located somewhere in the enemy compound.  All perks exist in this version to keep all happy!   For a real test of skill, play without juggernoob and cheats,  although i know that wont happen as it is to hard for most.

Special Thanks:

I would like to extend my gratitude to Darkflameq and Darkrapture1 for use of their DarkGun mod creation, also for some great ideas on map play and weapons placement.  Also thanks to Rickb, Dizzity and both Darks for offering some classic map testing matches, Woot!



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