Pickles Tower

Pickles Tower
By Kielrgz

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

First of all my greetings to you, I bring a bo3 map to waw, it is the pickle tower map, my friend Klaudeh gave me a hand with the base of the map, that is, the prefab to be able to continue and add the textures, weapons, etc. … well I hope you enjoy the map. below I will leave a clarification of some bugs. As they know how to map it is not something easy and there is always one bug or another but hey… I hope you enjoy it.
what does my map bring?
Black Ops 3 Weapons
2 special weapons
And the rest look at you!! Enjoy!

Bugs Info Readme!!:     


On the map I didn’t put Respawn when falling into the void, since I forgot to do it and lately I don’t have time to correct that, so if you try to do something weird or jump on a side that you shouldn’t and get bugged, it’s part of your responsibility, I don’t missing in action.
There is a collision on the third or second floor of the tower that does not allow you to jump to the ladder, the others do. this is warned by the doubts, I think it is the least but hey, it is always good to report it.
There is a bug that usually appears rarely when it says something about “Japanese bones 128” so I sincerely tried to solve it but being Latino it still costs me a bit to learn 100% English since I only know basic English and I translate most of the tutorials.
And well, the last thing is that before you stream or record for YouTube, I recommend you first play for a while and try the map, and if everything is fine, upload it to YouTube, this is more than anything so that you don’t feel embarrassed if the Some error pops up on the map, just calm down, I checked and I was able to play for a long time, but well, I’m reporting it because of an error that my previous minecraft tower had, something like this happened, but that was due to a spawn error more than anything. and well that’s all below I will leave the downloads.


Informacion de Bugs Leer:
En el mapa no puse Respawn al caer al vacío, ya que se me olvidó hacerlo y últimamente no tengo tiempo de corregir eso, así que si intentas hacer algo raro o saltar en un lado que no deberías y te bugeas es parte y responsabilidad tuya!
Hay una colision en la tercera escalera o segunda , no me acuerdo, cuestion es que no te deja saltar en la escalera, es un detalle menor pero a tener en cuenta a la hora de querer escapar de los zombies, las demas partes de la torre funcionan exelente.
Hay un bug muy rarro que suele aparecer 1 vez al inciar , rarra ves.. que dice “japanese 128 bones” es probable que te saque del mapa pero no del juego asi que ojo con eso, como digo es rarra ves. ami desde que arme el mapa varias veces no me salio mas pero seguramente tarde o temprano aparecera, si aparece solo creen una nueva partida de nuevo y ya. en la siguiente no aparecera.
Y bueno lo ultimo que aveces a iniciar salen algunos errores de scripts pero sigan intentando y el mapa va a inciar y ya juegan normal.
Otra cosa que pido es que porfavor si hacen Stream o Graban para Youtube Siempre antes testeen el mapa mio primero y vean si es subible o no a youtube, esto mas que nada para que ustedes queden bien. igual me trate de asegurar de que al inciar no alla ningun error pero bueno . El juego es Traicionero aveces. y yo como no soy experto en progamacion bueno, todavia me cuesta apesar de años de mapear. y recuerden que mi mayoria de mapas siempre resibo ayuda de mis amigos “creep,shipu , klau, lion y etc” que tenemos ahi un grupo discord de modders en la cual nos ayudamos entre todo, tanto armas, texturas , ideas , etc.
En fin , lo ultimo a pedir es que recomienden mi canal de youtube, yo actualmente no puedo logear porque estoy esperando a mi numero de celular para recibir un codigo de confirmacion y recuperar mi cuenta de youtube, ya que pide dicho codigo pero bueno, apenas recupere mi cuenta espero contar con ese apoyo que pido que no cuesta nada… y nada eso. si leiste asta aca eres un crack! Gracias!!
you want to make a donation that is not mandatory, my paypal or email is “[email protected]
NOTA: Si quieren hacer una donacion que no es obligatorio mi paypal o correo es “[email protected]” Gracias!
Based on the version of TescoValueRice credits also to him Black Ops 3
Cocacola 3 Litros

Desert Tower Minecraft

Desert Tower Minecraft
By kielrgz

Very good everyone, I bring you a quick custom express that I made from Minecraft. I hope you like it as much as I do. I wanted to tell you that this little map brings several things so you will surely see those details on the map.
Without more to say I leave you a video and images… below the download of the map. my map does not require t4m, it is already something that I solved so good enjoy!

What does this mod include?:
Weapons BO2,MW2
Special Weapon Apoticon Servant
Purchasable End
Zombies Desert Minecraft Skin
Lava damage
Sound Ambiance
Zombie Counter
Perks BO1,BO2,BO3
Minecraft Textures
Panzer Soldat Boss
Half Life 2 ViewHands
Half Life 2 Player Model

Coca 3 Litros

Changed Lab

Changed Lab
By MAzdo

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

hanged Lab

Welcome to Changed lab. After 6 months in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait.
This a recreation of the starting layout of the game Changed.

Objective :
-Turn on the power
-Find the exit door
The map inculde :
-Zombie from five (bo1)
-Bo1 Weapon
-Mw2 Weapon
-Bo3 Weapon
-Gosht Weapon
-Gympie6 perks
-Buyable ending
-A funny secret room
Main creator of the map :
Big Thank to :
_EmpGeneral and OrangeHipHop
_My friends for testing the map

I could improve the map but i lost all my data, so this is the last build of map.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong
By Crepp115

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

hello today I bring you this map that is not mine but its original creator let me do it in waw
original map link:
Map by time (Thanks Tom)
3 Bosses (Thanks Shippuden)
Cod Weapons of Different
Hud From Minecraft (I believe it)
Hud perks stilo cold waw (Thanks Thunder)
DK Zombies Models(Thanks Klaudeh and XdFer)
RGB Score (Thanks Thunder)
Perks Bo2 And Bo3 (Thanks Gympie)
Affordable Ending
2 Special Weapon (Thanks Shippuden)

donate to support (optional):

Backroom Edition Zero

Backroom Edition Zero
By kielrgz

Backroom Edition Zero


Hello everyone, I hope you are very well. I’ve come to bring a map of the Backrooms. The map is known as level 0, I know that there is already one made in the forum by my friend Klaudeh but this version that I made is one that we made as a collaboration with other modders, what I am going for is that it is a map that will have a continuation .
Example: I made this map, later the continuation of another backroom will come but from another modder that is not me, I had to create this level and map first so it is a pleasure to bring it.
What does the map include?
Zombie Counter
Weapons from BO2, MW2, MW3 and 1 only from BO3 (I’m not going to give details of each weapon because it’s better to go in and see them but there are many) I took the trouble to add details to the weapons so that they look nice and with a good reflection .
Bosses: Brutus, Engenier, Hazmat, Space Monkey and Panzer. “I also wanted to include the napalm fire zombie but for a strange reason it appeared in all the rounds and it was better to remove it since it was a potential kamikaze for each round which made the map difficult.
Keyed Door Easter Egg
Easter Egg Acid Cat
Easter Egg Souls Boxes
Easter Egg Secret Weapon!!
Purchasable End
Now I am going to mention some “BUGS” to warn you what can happen to you playing:
The zombie Panzer when throwing the hook there are high chances that if you get caught and a zombie hits you it is possible that your map will crash and return you to the menu. It is something that cannot be solved and I think that some custom maps have that problem with the Panzer. Even so, if they manage to shoot him in the arm, they will be saved from the situation since it works like Orgins’.
Zombies can sometimes take a long time if they throw a grenade at them and they move away a lot, that’s something obvious because if they think about it they are ripping off their legs and they take longer.
The zombies can walk on the floors where the void is, that in itself is done like this since that was just to give the map more style like the original backrooms and to be similar so you are warned not to think badly haha.
The music of the Player Disc does not contain copyright, no sound on my map is copyrighted. I clarify so that if they upload videos to youtube they feel calm.
Well, I think that’s all I can say. I thank the people who helped me but especially Shippuden who patiently supports me on the maps and helps me bring new content, since the panzer you see on the map is a contribution from Shippu… in my opinion I remain excellent but well I hope you like it.
“if I miss someone let me know”

Tower Mix

Tower Mix
By Klaudeh

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

3 maps in one. . . Thats all what you need to know. This time i bring a collab with my friend Crepp115 who was so kind to give me the files of some of my favorite and maybe some of the favorite towers of the community hehe. Unlike my others maps this one needs T4M because the use of fx’s by the wonder weapons and the bosses. So if the map gives you an error while loading just spam the play button haha.
With this map i just make a “mix” of Minecraft Tower, The Gray Tower And Color Tower with some improvements as: New and updated textures for the Minecraft tower, fix of some bugs with colisions, new lightning and a lot of weapons from bo3, bo2, bo1 and iw. Also you have 2 songs easter eggs in the map which can be activated shooting some hiding creepers in minecraft towers and a couple of bears on color tower.
¡Nothing more to say about this map except i hope you enjoy it and good luck making your way up to the top of the towers!
This map features:
– Custom Weapons from BO3, BO2, BO1 and IW
– 3 wonder weapons per tower (Forge Freeze, Freeze gun and the Apothicon Servant)
– PanzerSoldat
– Zombie Hazmat
– Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3 Perks
– 3 hits system
– Mob Of The Dead Zombies (Alcatraz)
– Minecraft Zombies
– Bo3 HUD (kinda)
– Power ups customs (Money Power Up and Pack and Punch Power Up)
– Custom Player Model and Hands
– Sprinters
– Hug Fix and Bo1 knife
– Buyable ending
– Custom Camos
– Custom Perk Icons
– Hitmarkers
– Colored zombie counter
– 2 easter egg songs
– Crepp115 (Map Prefabs and ideas for the map)
– Shippuden1592 (Some bo3 weapons, IW Weapons, Forge Freeze, Freeze Gun, Power up Money, Sprinters, Zombie Hazmat)
– Ricko0z (Bo3 Weapons, Bo2 Weapons and Bo1 Weapons)
– BluntStuffy (PanzerSoldat)
– Gympie6 (Perks of Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3)
– TaXi (3 hits system)
– ThunderFrosty (Several Video Tutorials, Customizable Bo2 HUD, Minecraft Zombies)
– Gogeta (Pack and Punch Power Up)
– Steviewonder87 (Zombie Hug fix and bo1 knife)
– SajeOne (Buyable Ending)
– Kielrgz (Mob Of The Dead Zombies, Custom Camo, Custom Perk Icons, Help with scripts,  ideas for the map)
– Cajz (Coop testing and suggestions)
– Tim / M0xf / GeekComm (Custom box from bo3, Bo3 power up models and teddy)
– 0taku (Bo3 HUD textures)
– BaD BoY 17 Aka “Tim Smith” (Some bo3 weapons)
– PROxFTW / MZslayer11 (Hitmarkers)
 Robit (Bo4 chalk for buyable weapons)
– WhiteDevilHD (Multi color zombie counter)
– Ege115 (Script for music easter egg)
– KhelMho (Nuketown Player Model and Viewhands)


By NGcaudle


Alein is suppose to feel like a original World at War map, where you feel like our newly introduced Heros fighting along side each other in a new horror adventure.
Allein takes place in an unknown Nazi hold out just off the battlefield, where they have just discovered a new element they thought would help them in the war. But they were wrong!

– New Max Ammo System
– New Zombies
– New Guns
– New Powerup Drops
– New To WaW Perks
– Hidden Easter Egg Song With Reward
– Return of The Flogger
– Return Of Shootable Barrels
– Ending
– Added Buffed Officer Zombies
– Added More Detail
– Buildable Ending No Longer Steals Weapons

VSTower Challenge Map

VSTower Challenge Zombie Map
By Klaudeh

Let me introduce my first “tower” inspirated map. Like the name suggest is a “VS” tower so it’s kinda a pvp’ish map, where you can do matches agains your friends in a 1v1 or 2v2 style gameplay, you spawn in a tower and your friend spawn in the other tower to see who’s the first to get to the bottom of the map.
The map it’s fully playable on solo and coop, so you don’t get problems in neither if you play alone or with friends, but it’s more fun to play with some friends to see who’s gonna get down first;)
Also you can open the doors from the tower of your friend if they get stuck or you want to help him. You can always leave them by themself hehe.
The map is fully Timed Gameplay, and fast style gameplay so it’s gonna be hard and challenging to get past throw the map but it’s kinda easy when you get to it. And. . . you gonna get a surprise at the end ;) it was really cool trying to make something unique to the map so i’ll let you see it.
– Get the Rk5 at the start
– Try to pap the MR6 at the start with the pap power up
– Keep in mind the panzer spawn at the minute 3 second 40. Or minute 4 second 20 on coop if you have the break at the start
– Try getting a lot of points at the start of the map so later you can just rush your way to the bottom (It’s a little hard to make this but work fine).
Im sure i fix these one’s and tested out to see if the map work fine but, i leave here the bugs if happen to someone
– The soulboxes fill them by themself at random times (Idk why this happen but i know how to trigger this bug, i hope this doesn’t happen to you ;))
– Random crashes when playing on coop ( The whole point of the map was to make it coop so lol. I think i fix this one it was the deadshot dayquiri perk that make the game crash after a while, i remove it from the map and tested a couple games on coop with a friend and no crashes at the moment, let me know if this happend to you )
This map features:
– Soulboxes
– Custom Weapons from BO3
– 2 wonder weapons (Raygun MK3 and Raygun vanilla)
– PanzerSoldat
– Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3 Perks
– 3 hits system
– Mob Of The Dead Zombies (Alcatraz)
– Bo3 HUD (kinda)
– Power ups customs (Money Power Up and Pack and Punch Power Up)
– Custom Player Model and Hands
– Sprinters
– Hug Fix and Bo1 knife
– Buyable ending
– Custom Camos
– Custom Perk Icons
– Timed Gameplay
– Hitmarkers
– Shippuden1592 (SoulBoxes, Some bo3 weapons, Ray Gun MK3, Power up Money, Sprinters)
– Ricko0z (Bo3 Weapons)
– BluntStuffy (PanzerSoldat)
– Gympie6 (Perks of Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3)
– TaXi (3 hits system)
– ThunderFrosty (Several Video Tutorials, Customizable Bo2 HUD, Help with scripts)
– Gogeta (Pack and Punch Power Up)
– Luis1234 con su coca de 3 litros (Custom Player Model and Hands)
– Steviewonder87 (Zombie Hug fix and bo1 knife)
– SajeOne (Buyable Ending)
– Kielrgz (Mob Of The Dead Zombies, Custom Camo, Custom Perk Icons, Help with scripts,  ideas for the map)
– Cajz (Coop testing and suggestions)
– Lion_sama (Coop testing and suggestions)
– Tim / M0xf / GeekComm (Custom box from bo3)
– 0taku (Bo3 HUD textures)
– BaD BoY 17 Aka “Tim Smith” (Some bo3 weapons)
– PROxFTW / MZslayer11 (Hitmarkers)
– Tom (Timed Gameplay)


By Tetration

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

This is my first map, so please be kind with your feedback. :) 
The goal I had for this map was to make a map that is confusing to navigate and requires a bit of strategizing and optimization to complete. The theme of exploring a maze of tunnels was conducive to accomplishing this goal. To escape, you must move through the maze, collecting weapons and perks as you fight through waves of the undead. Once you free yourself from the constrictive passageways, you’ll discover a quaint church which presents a daunting final challenge.
This map is not intended to be a re-creation of the Paris catacombs, its just a series of tunnels with a few bones in it. (I didn’t even know about the cancelled nazi_zombie_paris map until I started scripting.) I didn’t intend for this map to be extremely challenging since it takes quite a long time to complete and I don’t like restarting a map after failing an hour into it. Most of the difficulty is baked into the early game to avoid massive losses of progress. This also has the effect of making your power growth more tangible as you collect the perks and upgrade your weapons. I didn’t test 3-4 player coop, so feel free to voice any balance complaints you may have.

There were a few issues that I did my best to eliminate.

  • Sometimes the zombies’ pathing breaks. To solve this, I simply respawn zombies if their pathing is broken for a few seconds.
  • Rarely the mauser’s model is messed up on load. I don’t think I can fix this, but it only happens at the beginning, so you can just restart if it happens.
  • Sometimes the starting mystery box doesn’t load correctly. I think I fixed it, but the issue happens very sporadically so testing the map many times doesn’t guarantee that it is fixed.
  • Sometimes things just don’t load correctly and you get a script runtime error or a Hunk_AllocateTempMemoryHigh error. Just restart until it works.

If you find any other issues or bugs feel free to comment them (even better if you can identify a cause or a fix ;)).

  • 12 Perks
  • 32 weapons from MW2, BO1, MW3, BO2, Ghosts, AW, BO3, and IW
  • Black ops wonder weapons
  • Fixed wonderwaffle health bug
  • No lunging
  • Teleporters
  • Short easter egg and buyable ending
  • PaP camo
  • FoV slider (under Game Options)
  • Various fixes for power ups
  • No getting trolled by nukes in early game
  • Box locator
  • A fun little finale 😉


gympie6:        black ops perks, 3-round burst fix, reposting wonderwaff fix
alaurenc9:        Insta-Kill knife points fix, nuke+double points fix
steviewonder87:        stop zombies from grabbing you, PaP camo
El Ricos (Ricko0z):    weapon ports
shippuden1592:        bo1 and iw weapon ports, wonder weapon ports
BluntStuffy:        soul box scripts, panzers
Aidan:            teleport scripts
DuaLVII:        respawning zombies
Dust:            zombie counter
Scobalula:        max ammo fills clip, fov slider
SniperBolt:        mystery box prefabs
TOM_BMX:        buyable ending script
treminaor:        hintstring fix
liamsa669:        menu tutorial
Jake:            coop testing

Asset Attributions
=16pxThe following are licensed under Creative Commons By 4.0, are from SketchFab, and have been modified for use within the WaW engine:
“Bone (Game Ready / PBR)” by Meerschaum Digital
“Femur” by biol260
“Right Central Rib” by UNCG Imaging Lab
“Round Chain” by Jorge Luis Carrera
“Candle light” by al0sral0
“Church Pew” by CommonSpence
“Dusty Piano” by Vincent074
“Indoor Plant 1” by Konstantin Martens
“Bible” by Jeff Kratzer (G1ngerBoy)
“Open Bible” by VHM777
Other attributions:
Concrete texture photo created by rawpixel.com – freepik.com
Dark mode powered by Night Eye