Killhouse (First To 100k)

Killhouse (First To 100k)
By: Phil81334

Community: Phils-Hub Description: This is a fast-paced / time-based challenge map. No Rounds! The “First one to hit 100k wins!”. How long can you survive? Development Details: A total of 10 days to develop with 90% involving scripting and 10% mapping. I’m not happy that development exceeded 5 days ūüėÄ

Available now on Plutonium! Note: When map is played on Pluto, players who die, will respawn after a 1 minute delay (i coded it this way). However, this doesnt apply when played on Steam, instead its an instant respawn. P.s; [ 26-03-2024 @ 11:21 ] I am done developing this map for the time being. I may in the coming weeks/months come back to it and add more cool/fun things! Enjoy ūüôā

Peeps: Stepbro NAKSHATRA_12 John_Banana
Mods: PROxFTW MZslayer11 Hitmarkers
Numan Numan’s Powerup Pack 1.09
Gympie6 Black Ops Perks, Zombie Boss: Fire Zombie, Zombie Boss: Electricity zombie Zombie Boss: UberCommando Zombie
BluntStuffy Custom Ammo: Flame / Shock and Explosive [Tutorial] Lights controlled by triggers,

Sky Arena

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

Sky Arena
Version: 1.5.4 By: Lava_Wills

Hi everyone, l’m a scripter and a while ago l posted the bosses and wonder weapons packs l put together, but no one use them.
So I thought why not make a map to show them? This is the map l spent a lot of time making.

lt’s an octagon-like map but with completely different terrain, which took me a lot of time because l did all scripting and radiant work by myself(of course, tis would not be possible without the help of many people)

It’s a hard map but not impossible, Testers and I played through Nightmare Difficulty in Time Mode

– Remember to buy armor, it will make your game easier
– goliath will strengthen the surrounding zombies when smash, don’t let them survive all the time
– ADS fire gain more points
– Deadshot give extra points when you do headshot kill
– Zombies within 500 range of Brutus are immune to the effects of the wonder Weapon. You can end this protection by knocking Brutus’s hat off
– phd can reduce boss damage you take

– Custom Weapons from BO1„ÄĀBO2„ÄĀBO3„ÄĀMW3„ÄĀGhost„ÄĀIW(127 weapon files !)
– Harrybo21 perks (all bugs fixed.—-maybe;) )
– numan custom powerups
– 7 types of bosses (every boss is dangerous)
– 16 types of wonder-weapons(they damage bosses instead of killing them directly)
– adolf hitler(a special zombie)
– 2 types of Special zombies(electric and fire)
– tranzit_sprinter
– mortar strike(air raid)
– armor system(You can buy armor by holding melee button for a while(require 3000 points). When the armor durability is greater than 0, you gain extra health.)
– super revive system(You can revive your friends by prone and holding use button for a while, require 2000 poits to revive one player and 4000 to respawn one player)
– weapon trade system and points trade system: You can give your friends 1000 points by looking at them and holding use button for a while. When the progress bar is not full, give him1000 points. When the progress bar is full, you will exchange weapons(To exchange weapons, both parties need to press use botton).
– custom pap box
– boss fight
– timed game play (optional)
– 3 difficulty
– cluster grenade
– buyable ending(The more players, the higher the cost)
– Firendly fire

FirstBlood(script help)
shippuden(Most of the resources)
gympie6(2 types of special zombies, many other help)
harrybo21(raygunMK2, perks)
IQ_Geek(gsc scripts, super revive system, bo3 nuke, points trade system)
Klaudeh(tranzit_sprinter, and many help)
Thunderfrost(armor system, cluster grenade)
Fancygamer1738(weapontrade system)
DidUknowiPwn(MOTD HUD)
BluntStuffy(mortar strike)
SpyroScope(pap box)
KhelMho(character model)
zhazha(Coop Testing)
bobo(Coop Testing)
mason(Coop Testing)

If I forgot to give credit to someone, please contact me!

I have gone through a lot of testing and proven that this map is stable and reliable. If you encounter any bugs, please leave me a message

the bosses and wonder weapons i used in this map were posted, you can use them in your maps too!


By: Klaudeh

Hi! like the title says this is another nuketown map, but in minecraft. I always wanted to do a minecraft map with good quality so i started to work with this one from half a year now, it have the new versions textures, custom viewhands, custom brutus skins, and alot more with minecraft theme in it. It’s a simple map with a little easter egg to build the nether portal and pay the end, so i hope you enjoy the map.

This isn’t a hard map it’s more of a survival map with a short mission to do.

This map it’s a recreation of a never released map for minecraft which i only have pictures and a video, so i tried to recreate it block by block by just seeing the low res and weird perspective of the videos and pictures that i have. I’ll link the original creator video so you can see how the original map looks like compared to this one.¬†:D

This map features:

– Custom Weapons from BO2
– Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3 Perks
– BO2 Nuke
– 3 hits system
– Minecraft Zombies
– Bo3 HUD (kinda)
– Hug Fix and Bo1 knife
– Buyable ending
– Custom Camo
– Hitmarkers
– Added recoil and balance to weapon movement
– Shootable Easter Egg
– Brutus from MOTD (Pillager boss)
– Mini Easter Egg
– 4 Custom Songs
– Rotating Doors
– Colored zombie counter
– Minecraft theme round change sfx
– Custom Perks Bottle


РShippuden1592 (Brutus Scripts and Models, some weapons from Bo2, BO2 Nuke, Shrinkray Gun/Scripts)
РRicko0z (Bo2 Weapons)
РGympie6 (Perks of Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3)
РTaXi (3 hits system)
РThunderFrosty (Customizable Bo2 HUD, Diferent tutorials, Script References, Custom Menu Files)
РSteviewonder87 (Zombie Hug fix and bo1 knife)
РSajeOne (Buyable Ending)
РTim / M0xf / GeekComm (Custom box from bo3, Bo3 power up models and teddy)
РPROxFTW / MZslayer11 (Hitmarkers)
РWhiteDevilHD (Colored zombie counter)
РArceus (Better Recoil and movement)
РDuaLVII (Rotating doors)
РUGX (For the best forum for custom zombies and the Scripting Reference)
РMakeCents (Scripting Basics, Script reference for some fixes)
Р0taku (Bo3 HUD textures)
РEzequiel <3 (Coop Testing)
РFranconbo <3 (Map tester)
РTeddyrific (Preview Gameplay of The Map and new ideas)

Let me know if i leave someone out, there’s a lot of people that upload assets or help me with the map so, just leave me a message;)

Check out other maps that i made! :

If you find any bugs pls let me know by a reply!

Zombie House

Zombie House
By: ToX1k_GhOsT


I’ve been interested in making maps for BO1 Zombies so I watched a bunch of CoD WaW tutorials on YT from GAM3VIDZ to learn the basics and made this map for WaW in the process. so shout out him for the in depth tutorials! and shout out to 5and5 & Ville Sarastus on YT for the Black Ops mod tool tutorials! (i dont understand russian ;-; ) Shout out all the UGX mappers for making my childhood awesome¬†:)¬†also RIP YOTESLAYA!

This map was inspired by Nacht Der Untoten, hence the small map layout, few-but-effective wall weapons, and a risky camping spot.
I haven’t been able to last more than about 14 rounds (pause) because of how hard this map is (i probably just suck):keyboardslam:
The zombies start going crazy and running after round 2 or 3 so good luck.

There is probably only one area in this map u can camp in but if you dont use the right weapon you will become overwhelmed quickly. I unintentionally made this map pretty difficult  :troll:
*I know “House” is a dull, generic name but I’m new to this and didn’t want to risk messing up my map by renaming files*


ONCE YOU LAUNCH THE MOD¬† ¬† ‘HOUSE’¬† ¬† ¬†OPEN CONSOLE AND ENTER¬† ¬† ‘¬† map house¬† ‘¬† ¬† ¬†TO LAUNCH MAP

Doom Tower v1.0

Doom Tower
Version: 1.2 By: Kielrgz

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download


To avoid errors with g_spawn, I advise putting “Numbers of bodies: Low” in the options

Hello!! I haven’t brought a custom in months and well I wanted to bring a quick custom that I made in 5 days. The map, like any of my customs, has some bugs that do not affect the playability but I will clarify them below so you know what they are. Another thing is that if I see support in the sense that I see that there are people who play it, I will probably make more maps, but this time I don’t think I will continue with the towers, but I will focus on normal maps. I learned to add effects and things that I like and well I want to implement it in some good custom map. I also apologize for some bugs, it is a bit difficult for me to put the scripts in sometimes and luckily I have friends in the community who help me when I make a mistake about something. hahaha I’ve been doing this for years but sometimes it’s a little hard. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and I will be leaving information about what the map includes as well. greetings!!


The bugs that you can find on the map will be how you see turning on the power and when you point to the “perks” drinks it appears that they need to activate the power. Even so, they will be able to drink the drink “If they activated the power, of course” that bug, I don’t know why it is there, but it usually happens to me a lot on some of my maps. Other bugs could be that the textures sometimes do not load well on the map, that is, when you start the maps the zombies will appear white, that is, with white textures, this is solved by restarting the map from the main menu when you start the mod in waw, as if If you were to play again, well, like that. Other bugs that are quite annoying in my personal opinion are, for example, that when you want to start on the map you get some errors before starting and you have to press play until it stops. I usually don’t know why it happens, some told me that it is due to the use of T4M so I don’t know. but the map clarified that it starts sooner or later if or after about 3 or 4 attempts and if you are lucky on the first try. and last but not so important is that sometimes if you hit the drinks or camp from there the zombies will go first where you camped in the drink and dsp will come for you, “sometimes it usually happens not always” but I advise not to do it because the zombies will They will decide yes or yes since not everyone will have that behavior. Beyond that, the rest works well. Surely there are one or another bug but it does not affect the playability or the goal of the map, which is to reach the final. If you read this, I thank you! I also appreciate constructive criticism!

When you appear on the map, you will appear with the Colt but you will have the Kendall as your second weapon. I wanted to make it main but I don’t know what happened and I couldn’t. There is also a bug that when the map starts, it starts with rounds, I recommend restarting it until the timer goes down. That means that the map will now be as it should, I apologize for so many errors! I haven’t made maps in a while.

BLACK OPS PERKSPurchasable FinalInfinite Warfare Weapons , BO2 Weapons


2 Bosses

Soul Boxes


Ugx Mods

Lost Rooms

Lost Rooms
By: Klaudeh

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

This time i bring you a special map for me, this is inspired by my friend first try at making a custom map on waw, you see, back when i was doing my first map the plan was to start making maps with my friend a couple years ago, sadly he got a lot of problems with his pc and when he tried the mod tools really didn’t like doing maps. The good part was that because of him i started making maps until today, i started almost 2 years ago and still making plans for new maps! So this is a homenage to my friend try at making a map and also a new try at implementing new things for maps in the future (like fx’s, simple gsc scripting, etc).

The layout of the map is simple, just a starting room and 4 door with barriers for the zombies to go, i try to expand on this concept of my friend first map and change 2 of the barriers for something different also a lot of decoration (model spam) added to most of the rooms, new vision file and a try of good visuals for the map to give it a nice looking ambience.

Also from the starting zone i added a hallway and a outdoor zone base on my friend favorite “backroom floor”, an idea that we loved to add for a custom map so i added in here why not. Is a small map and a easy one so is more of a chill to play map once you get to the outside area, just need to grind for the buyable ending and that is. I hope you like the map and im waiting for your feedback if you have any suggestion for the map

This map features:

– Custom Weapons from BO1, BO2, MW3 and BO3. – Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3 Perks – BO2 Nuke – 3 hits system – Mob of the Dead Zombies – Bo3 HUD (kinda) – Hug Fix and Bo1 knife – Buyable ending – Custom Camo – Hitmarkers – Added recoil and balance to weapon movement – Shootable Easter Egg – Brutus from MOTD – Mini Easter Egg – 2 Custom Songs – 1 soulbox – Rotating Doors – Colored zombie counter


– Shippuden1592¬†(Brutus Scripts and Models, some weapons from Bo3 and Bo1, BO2 Nuke) – Ricko0z¬†(Bo3 Weapons, Bo2 Weapons, Bo1 Weapons and Mw3/2 Weapons) – Gympie6¬†(Perks of Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3) – TaXi¬†(3 hits system) – ThunderFrosty¬†(Customizable Bo2 HUD, Diferent tutorials, Script References) – Steviewonder87¬†(Zombie Hug fix and bo1 knife) – SajeOne¬†(Buyable Ending) – Tim / M0xf / GeekComm¬†(Custom box from bo3, Bo3 power up models and teddy) – BaD BoY 17 Aka “Tim Smith”¬†(Some bo3 weapons) – PROxFTW / MZslayer11¬†(Hitmarkers) – WhiteDevilHD¬†(Colored zombie counter) – Arceus¬†(Better Recoil and movement) – DuaLVII¬†(Rotating doors) – UGX¬†(For the best forum for custom zombies and the Scripting Reference) – MakeCents¬†(Scripting Basics, Script reference for some fixes) – 0taku¬†(Bo3 HUD textures) – Cajz¬†<3¬†(Coop Testing) – Teddyrific¬†(Preview Gameplay of The Map and new ideas)

Let me know if i leave someone out, there’s a lot of people that upload assets or help me with the map so, just leave me a message;)

Check out other maps that i made!

City of Hell – Next Station v1.0 (T4M)

City of Hell - Next Station
Version: 1.0 By: gamer9294

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

City of Hell – Next Station
Version 1.0

(Requires T4M to play this map)

Important to know

(1)   First thing to know is, this map requires T4M tool to make the map playable because of the limits.
(2)¬† ¬†Second thing is to turn off:¬† ‘Specular Map‘ and ‘Ocean Simulation‘ options in the Call of Duty – World at War Game. (Settings -> Graphics).
(3)¬† ¬†Maybe need to decrease the option: ‘Number of Corpses’ to ‘Small’ or ‘Tiny’.
(4)   There are some bugs in this map, at the moment not much time to work on it but when possible do my best to fix these bugs.
(5)¬† ¬†Last thing to keep it short.¬† Maybe it can happen that the game crashes on loading screen don’t worry, just try few more couple of times, if it doesn’t work make sure you have running Steam or LanFixed version with the¬†T4M¬†enabled.


The 4 survivors has found a way out to escape from the zombie horde with the red train and reached out a next station. They thought this place was a safer place than they thought, but apparently it was a fraud.

Now they have to prove themselves again if they can survive this zombie horde. But will they really be able to do that, who knows?

Features of this custom zombie map (WaW): 

  • Buyable ammo (Cold War style)
  • Wunderfizz (Black Ops 2 style)
  • Buildable Weapons
  • Buildable Pack-A-Punch
  • Crafting Table (Cold War style)
  • Pointstreaks (Similiar to killstreaks)
  • Flashback Porter
  • Trashbags (Ghosts style)
  • Perks (Juggernog, Speed cola, Quick revive 2.0, Mule Kick, Stamin-up, Tombstone, Electric cherry)
  • Weapons (WAW, BO1, BO2, MW1, MW2, Ghosts)
  • Different Zombie types
  • Bosses
  • 3 types of end-game
  • Easter eggs
  • Moving trains (from City of Hell map)
  • And many more..


Yes, maps can have bugs indeed. Also what I already mention above. I know there are some bugs and I will do my best to fix them when I have time for it :)

Some known issuesugs:

  • picking up coin bags to fast let the hud freeze on the screen.
  • Sentry turret placing issue on some sections of the area.
  • Ghost house not fully working function. Once activated, it can happen they go outside as well.
  • Guard dog is not available, but it can be a chance that it comes out of the care package. Don’t pick it up!



* Bamskater33
* shippuden1592
* YaPh1l
* rumorequimico
* Terry
* OnlineX420
* Frd
* Tito
* MrHankey91
* Marsvinking
* Classifiedd
* XxBlasterxX
* GuitarLover
* Lepope

If I forgot somone that is not listed in the credits list, send me a pm.


Das Alte Haus
Version: 1.1 By: itzValiant

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

V1.1 Update:

New perk system! This should fix the error message that some of you may have got when launching the map. Double Tap 2.0! The text about Zones that appeared when the game starts has been removed.


Hi everyone! This is my first map. It’s rather small but offers a classic zombies experience! I may work more on this map in the future. I, however, felt like it was time to release a first version of it.

I hope you will enjoy playing it! If you have any ideas or some feedback for this map, please let me know. Note: Requires T4M


The year is 1941. You wake up in this old house near Dortmund, Germany. You have no idea how you got there. As you try to get out, you start hearing zombies. Now your only option is to stay and defend yourself.


Spoiler: click to open…
  • Wall weapons
  • Mystery box (6 locations)
  • BO1 weapons (in mystery box)
  • 4 classic perks: Quick Revive (solo), Speed Cola, Double Tap (2.0) and Juggernog
  • Pack-a-Punch
  • Easter egg music (copyright warning!)
  • Electric door
  • Kino der Toten-style teleporters
  • Powerups
  • Dog rounds

Special Thanks:


GAM3VIDZ, for teaching me the basics of map making.

BlackJackJonnyy, for his videos about terrain editing.

UGX Forum:

Gympie6, for Perks

shippuden1592, Deper, Ricko0z, Espi_thekiller, Gogeta (gogetinis), RDV, natesmithzombies, mikevlc, Krazzyboy97 and JiffyNoodles, for BO1 weapons

Aidan, for Kino der Toten-style teleporter


elfenlied (Apex), for the music easter egg

Warfare Garage ESCAPE

Warfare Garage ESCAPE
By: Laderdiyar

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

This is an edited version of the original map ‘Warfare Garage 3.0’.

It’s a classic ZCT style map and the standalone is based on DER RISE ( waw version 1.7 )with classic waw weapons.

The original version is not able to be survived but I edited the code to make it doable.

End Game Step: 1.Open all barriers. 2.Find three switches and hold on by correct steps. 3.Auto end game.

I think ‘Warfare Garage Escape 4.1’ is the most difficult custom map in history !

Thanks the author Rampage_619 and Tom_BMX etc.

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