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Large City, USA

A large explosion was heard a mere blocks away. Scrambling to your feet, head still ringing from the blast you notice a strange mist slowly filling the air. Like some sort of domino effect the mist has taken down anyone it passes by one after another. Your only hope is to get to higher ground and hope a transport vehicle will not be far behind.

HIGH is a small/medium sized map designed around the ZCT MOD2 for high difficulty and no zombie slow times. They come fast and frequent.

There are many blocker doors, 4 random weapon boxes (which will be your savior thanks to the Modern Weapons and other ZCT firepower). The boxes are static and all usable at any time as they do not move.

Also included are ZCT Auto Turrets, Risers, Artillery Strike, Easter Eggs and Lots of Zombie killing good times.

This map although not part of a ZCT Mappack was designed to play with the ZCT mod which I included in the map folder to avoid confusion. All you have to do is leave everything in there and install it like a regular map folder.

This is the first map I have released for Nazi Zombie Mode. I hope you enjoy it and please report all bugs. Also lets hear some of your high round records. So far the best I have done is 16 with a m1014 and ammo regen.


Once in the main menu, select “mods”> “nazi_zombie_hi” > “Launch”.

Once the game loads again in mods, you can select the level from the Co-op menu or play singleplayer by typing:

/map nazi_zombie_hi

In the console.

Special Thanks

Wizard Of Ozz



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