Nazi Zombie ZM Tribute

Nazi Zombie ZM Tribute
By: baseball4ev

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Congratulations to kram’s group!  They are, as far as I know, the first group to beat this map!  VERY nicely done!

Holy c**p!  It’s been an extremely long time since I’ve touched this map, almost an entire year actually.  With much pressing from nefarious, I have released a version 1.3 of my map ZM Tribute.  I fixed some issues and made some minor changes explained in detail right below this.  I hope this is the last version, and I hope that the changes make this map a bit more fun to play on!

-Changed buyable ending to 25k instead of 50k
-Pulled in player_clips in the revive tree area so you can actually go to the trees
-Hopefully made it so monkeys could work in the first box area
-Changed nefarious’ subscribe texture to his new channel
-Deleted a ton of overlapped foliage (probably won’t notice a difference but I still did it)
-Made it so the dogs don’t run outside the map when in the jug room
-Fixed a couple behind the scenes issues

-Fixes the levers not working correctly.  This has been tested to work.
-Fixes one of the dog spawning issues (if the dogs still don’t spawn correctly please post where this happens).

-I accidentally overwrote the 1.1 files with the 1.0 files so this version is the correct 1.1 version :D

v1.1 Change log:
-The last stand bug has been fixed!  (you now go down with a PaP’ed magnum)
-The unending dog round has been fixed
-Two new rooms have been added
-I have reduced the foliage and hopefully upped your FPS in the perk rooms

Thank you Bagel Eater for making this vid!

Thanks so much to treminaor for all his help.  He made the main menu/main menu music, he helped me with the anti-cheat scripts as well fixing the last stand bug.  Thanks a lot!

Anyways, this map is finally here.  This is a tribute to this site and to all its members.  For this very reason this is the ONLY site that ZM Tribute will be available for download from  (CCOD would probably not appreciate the fact that you can kill CCOD zombies :P).

This map is very large.  There are four levers scattered around the map that when purchased will open up the means to when the game.  The game can be won (at a price of 50K) but don’t expect it to be a walk in the park!

The custom gun and zombie skins are from x-president.  A complete list of credits are available in the readme.

There is a list of about three bugs.  To view these just read the readme.

Thank you to all who helped me on this map and I’m sure that you will enjoy this!

Der Riese style map
All four perk machines reskinned
Power lights
About 70 custom textures!
Buyable ending
Reskinned zombies
Der Riese risers
Two new weapons (Type99 LMG and Arisaka w/ Bayonet)
5 moving random boxes
Tom’s Music box w/ 8 tracks!

Note* If you see a wall don’t always think that it truly is a wall :P

Have fun playing and please report any bugs or glitches!



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