Nazi Zombie Manorhouse

Nazi Zombie Manorhouse
Version: 1.4 By: BlazinAmmo

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NOTE:  This is a re-upload of my very first map: Nazi Zombie Manorhouse.  There will be no more updates made to this map, as I have lost the source files.  

The war is almost over.  You and your friends have hidden yourselves deep in the forests of nazi-occupied France, and you have sought refuge in a large, abandoned Manor.  But after only having been hidden for 10 days, you find yourself faced with another problem.  The undead.  It seems as though experiments from crazed german scientists have caused an uprising; an uprising of Nazi Zombies.  

Fight off the hordes of the undead in both a Manor and a courtyard, in this challenging, action-packed map!

This map is a der-reise style map, but without teleporters, zappers (for an extra challenge!) or dog rounds.  Currently it contains:

– All 4 perk machines
– Pack a Punch (You have to unlock it though!)
– 2 secret areas:  The kitchen and the courtyard
– 3 last stand rooms and an open courtyard
– 2 mounted MG42
–  A buyable bowie knife
– A non-moving random box
– A buyable ppsh
– A buyable PTRS41
– Lots of decals

P.S. This is my first map so please let me know if it is any good!



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