Group 877 (Perk Assembly Branch)

Group 877 (Perk Assembly Branch)
By: bamskater33

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Group 877 was a less competent organization than 935. They were in charge of mostly perk machine manufacturing and distribution. Lack of funding resulted in unethical practices during which many employees went missing. Group 877 couldn’t get teleportation working, but was successful in an organic flux transportation system. An explosion from an experiment interfered with the speed-cola manufacturing branch. Element 115 from the bottles was exposed to the water system and soon was being circulated through the air-conditioning units.


Black Ops Perks
Fully Fixed Mule Kick
Unstable Perk machines
Organic Flux Transportation
Dedric the Zombie
Powerup Machine
Perk Assembly Line
Ambient Sounds (Pa system, radio, bubbling, wind)
Moving Pack-A-Punch



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