Nazi Zombie Kensington

Nazi Zombie Kensington
By: Sonic

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Nazi Zombie Kensington

This map is themed in West London South Kensington you start off in the some what famous london underground, barrelling through the zombies you need to push your way out of the tube station. Reluctantly you need to find the power and make your way to the secret underground launch facility base hmmm where you find a trigger to end the game.  

Medium size map
Many Custom textures
All Der Riese sounds
Pack a Punch
All four perks
Der Riese script 1.6
Monkey Bombs
Bouncing Bettie
Rising Zombies
Buyable Ending (Tombmx)
Custom menu music (Paragalor)
Custom loadscreen (Rampage_619)
On the Wall Browning (Small percentage buff PaP’d)
Custom Zombie & Weapon Skins (X-President(Note:Check out PTRS))
Musicbox (Tombmx)5 tracks  
Bargain Price Bowie (X-President idea)
Scrolling Texture (Quizz)
Zombie Counter (Tombmx)
Friendly AI
Mystery Box
Cheats Disabled
All work done in radiant apart from xmodels (no access to maya)

Please Note this isn’t a fun map, so if you’ve had a hard day and want to relax with some buddies and blast (Ze) zombies this probably isn’t the map for you. However if you are up for a challenge this is a mildly testing map to evaluate your zombies skills. Also note with teamwork and the right strategy you should be able to breeze through it.

Known Errors – Dogs come through the ceiling in the type100 room, no space to adjust the drop-down traverse. Crosshairs showing on the menu/loading screen (ops:))

Thanks to the everyone within the custom zombie community, for all the tutorials on zm and modsonline. Thanks also to youtube tutorials from sajeone, treminaor and blackjackjonnyy.

Beta Testers – Matuzz, X-President, RealShotz, Baseball4ev, FakeShotz and the other-one.

Special Thanks to Baseball4ev and X-President for all of there assistance with my first map, really nice chaps and always willing to help.



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