Nova Six For FIVE

Nova Six For FIVE
By LilRobot

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This is a mod for the map FIVE.

Nova Six is a mod created by Dr. LilRobot with lots of help from the UGX community.

Main features of Nova Six include: Fully-functioning Gobblegum machine, an array of weapons from Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Black Ops 3, a brand new Wonder Weapon, an updated Wunderwaffe with models from The Giant, a whole new dog-styled enemy with its own round, a full easter egg quest and a new enemy with his own voice, and some small game fixes, such as Double Tap II.


* me (obv)
 * lilrifa (wall power!, also gave me the kuda port)
 * hitmanvere (general advice/assistance, helped me animate gum machine)
 * jbird632 (helped me fix Stock Option and Alchemical Antithesis. int conversion, really? why didn’t i think of that?!)
 * tom (made lemon and lime, as well as xanimconverter tools)
 * sal (really cool guy, made the hud element graphics)
 * zeroy (awesome guy who put up a VERY useful function directory
 * sparkymcsparks (helped me with pre-rendered cutscene display)
 * diduknowipwn (misc assistance with fixing scripts/code)
 * stachekip (voice acting the enemy Panzer Soldat)
 * chromastone10 (animated the gum eating animation)
 * fissionmetroid101 (created the gum popping model & animation)
 * treyarch! (making black ops 1, black ops 3 weapons, black ops 2 anims, black ops 3 gobblegum machine…))
 * infinity ward (mw3 weapons, ghosts weapons. pretty cool weapons, i like them a lot)
 * valve (drone models and animations, m9 bayonet)
 * sledgehammer games (boss fight music, inspiration for the boss fight)
 i might have missed a few, if so sorry! the final credits list in the ending is the true credits.

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