The 115 Displacement

The 115 Displacement
By: PlutBro

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There is a known pathing issue with the map, involving the 3 pink barriers near the juggernog area. If you are doing the soulboxes it is suggested to do the one upstairs first to prevent the pathing issue messing up the timeout of the soulboxes, as I was unable to disable the timeout!


The story is as follows:
The entire map is not as it is supposed to be, every element from the perks, weapons and even the flowers have been displaced by the element widely known as 115. You can pay the escape fee or live long enough for your fate to be given entirely to the undead.

Black ops and black ops 2 perks
Dog rounds (Everyone loves these)
Teleporters (Der Riese)
Custom Pack a punch camo
Black ops 2 starting pistol (M1911)
AK74u from Black ops 2 added thanks to HarryBo21
Buffed pack a punched raygun (Normal raygun as soulbox reward)
BluntStuffy’s Soul Boxes!
HarryBo21’s perks pack 4.0.1
Tom_BMX (Great posts, buyable ending)
ZOMB1E-KLLR (Youtube video tutorials)
Harry Bo21 (ALL of the perks, astounding help, superb work)
ImThe115Cure (Ideas for the map)
BluntStuffy (Soul boxes, of course)
MakeCents (Fixing a dreaded ModderHelp crash!)

A tonne of youtube tutorials from a lot of different people
Minor and major help from UGX forums
A lot of help from Zombie Modding
Sorry if I missed anyone, a lot of people helped me![/color]
This is my second map! I have been working on this sucker since January!
Project discontiuned 12 July 16



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