Fury’s Temple For Shangri-la

Fury's Temple For Shangri-la
Version: 1.0.0 By: lilrobot

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Travel to the mystical Fury’s Temple and open the Apocalypse Rift in the third epic chapter of the Nova Six series. Commit rituals of an ancient alien race to uncover a legendary sword.


-Dr. LilRobot

– Scripted all custom GSCs and CSCs [except Widow’s Wine and Electric Cherry], including weapons, Gobblegum, the quest, zombie shield, etc.

– Did custom FX for Fury’s Song, EM1, EPM3, Jetgun, quest steps, and Rift Scene

– Scripted Flowey X Boss Fight

– Cel-3 Cauterizer Animations

– i made dis mod


– Flowey X assets–model, texture, animation–what DIDN’T he do with Flowey?

-Ethan Hiley

– Cel-3 Cauterizer concept and model.

– Bulldog concept and model.

-Harry Bo21

– Coded Widow’s Wine and Electric Cherry


– Created the fx for the open portal in the Rift scene.


– Ported Jet Gun anims & provided model.


– Utility function to run FOV check


– Flowey X design & concept

-Toby Fox

– Flowey X boss fight from Undertale!

– “Your Best Nightmare” & “Finale” music tracks used during Flowey X fight.

-Tom Crowley (WinCat)

– The citrus-filled Lemon and Lime programs used to extract assets from Call of Duty: Ghosts & Advanced Warfare


– The Wraith Archon program that allowed flawless asset extraction from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 & other CoD games.

-Matthew (Syphon) Harris

– Voice Talent for Cullman the robo-boy.

-Jamie Strachan

– Voice Talent for Kasil’Ra the Nomad.

-GeekCommYT (Lucas)

– Made cool, dirtied up textures of the presidents. All around a lot of help with black ops 3 assets.


– Made all of the hud elements in the map, and the upgraded Time Trial shotgun textures.

-Flag Carrier

– Did all of the amazing effects for the voices! Thanks!!

Check out @flagcarrier on twitter.

-Chris Roberts

– Freelancer


– Developing unique updates to Game_Mod for Fury’s Temple!


-Sledgehammer, Treyarch, and Infinity Ward
– Any assets taken from their respective games.
– ID Software
– Time Trial gun.



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