Metal Graveyard

Metal Graveyard
Version: 0.75 By: Noobioh

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Very much W.I.P, might have some issues here and there. Enjoy 😀

A lot of detail is still missing, and although the layout is very simple as of now (i’ll keep it simple), i do plan on expanding it a bit (i.e adding doors). For as far as I know, the map is in a playable state.

What works:
Zombie spawns
Dog Spawns

What’s next?
– A new separate power room in the center (below PaP).
– A new area on the roof of spawn.
– MOAR Detail.

What doesn’t work?
No zones yet, so 1 zombie till you buy the door are basically free points

30/9/2016 Update:
– Added a new zone above the map for PaP.
– Added Quick Revive
– Added more light to increase visibility
– Added more wallbuys
– Added volumetric lighting
– Added more cosmetic scenery/detail
– Fixed issue where dogs would spawn outside the playable area

2/10/2016 Update:
– Added more details
– Added a door
– Added a window
– Added more geometry, making it harder to train
– Added more detail
– Improved lighting in certain areas
– Moved second box location to PaP area
– Fixed some issues.
– Preperation for new area, perks might move in next update.
– Improved localization, now playable in every version (language)

Planned updates:
– Buyable doors
– Easter Egg
– Widows Wine and Electric Cherry
– More detail


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