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A remake of Vacant from COD4 for BO3 Zombies.


  • Contains the L-CAR 9, M8A7, VMP, KRM-262, HVK-30, KN-44, Claymore and Bowie Knife wall-buys.

  • Contains the Doubletap, Sleight of Hand, Quick Revive, Staminup, Mule Kick, Deadshot Daiquiri, Widow’s Wine and Juggernog perk machines.

  • A custom Monkey Bomb chest, where you can exchange money for a Monkey Bomb.

  • A custom ammunition chest where you can exchange money for full ammo.

  • A unique vendor is hidden within the map. Once found, he will allow you to gamble for boons.

  • A Hardmode button, in the form of an obsidian rock. Activate it to increase the difficulty.

  • A search secret is included, and is required to reach the Widow’s Wine and Mule Kick perk machines, and the Claymore wall buy.

Credit to JBird632 for the Claymores.



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