Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve
By: TheFilthySandwich

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Looks like Santa didn’t put you on his nice list this year..


– Includes –
– Buildable Power Switch
– Jump Pads
– Custom Weapons
– 10 Perk Limit
– Easter Egg
– Easter Egg Song
– Custom Pack A Punch Camo’s
– Christmas Themed
– Buyable Ending (90,000)
– Soul Collecters (Snowmen)
– Map Credits
– Custom Starting Pistol
– Custom Textures
– Custom Mystery Box Weapons
– Custom Round Sounds

– Known Bugs – (Will Be Updated Soon)
– Zombies Get Stuck / Kinda Fixed…
– Gun Sounds on DLC Weapons

– Included In Patch 1.1
– Some Zombies That Got Stuck Now Fixed
– New Area Added (Plane Crash Site)
– Stamin-Up Perk Moved To Plane Crash Site
– Added Soul Collector’s
– More Mystery Box Spawns Added
– More Details
– Bug Fixes
– Texture Fixes
– Clip Which You Were Able To Go Through To Get out The Map Fixed



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