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Rage's Game
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My name is QuaK Rage, and I have made a map!

You made have seen my previous version of this map (albeit, a long time ago!) however if you haven’t, there is the general synopsis:

Rage’s Game is a minimalistic but rather challenging map. See, as I am not an amasing mapper, I decided to keep the design simple, however that in no way takes from the fun of the map!

This map is scarse in the way of training and most camping spots get overrun a few rounds after you first meet them but the more doors you open, the better camping spots you’ll find πŸ™‚

Here are a full list of features:
-All perks in Black Ops III are available, however the vending machines for Widow’s Wine and Electric cherry are not present.
-Various wall guns. Without them, the map would be near-impossible πŸ˜‰
-Zombie winows and riser spawns (I know everyone loves them)
-Gobblegum machines.
-A power switch (Duh!)
-Verious mystery box locations, however the first one is somewhat close to spawn.

Now, the map is in it’s first finished form, however I plan to add more features, potentially including but not limited to:
-Widow’s Wine and Electric Cherry machines
-More perks
-Secret songs
-Easter eggs
-More/different weapons

Now, don’t be mad because the map’s bad because this is my first published map and I hope to make something a little more… pretty next time.

I should soon be uploading a playthrough onΒ My YouTube Channel (QuaK Rage). Why not consider subscribing to be the first to hear anout any updates!

As I am fairly new to mapping, there are some bugs which I do not know how to fix:
-Some zombies get clustered and stuck. This is due to how the game engine handles funneling in and out of tight spaces and traversals.
-Various lighting hickups.
-Some things looks washed out.
-HVK-30 wallbuy has the Vesper decal by default for some reason.


Here is a video on my YouTube channel about me playing the map!
Click here to watch the video!

Please feel free to leave any feedback – positive or negative – in the comments and I will read every single comment!

How to Download:
At the top of the post, there should be a big green ‘Subscribe’ button. Then, Black Ops III should start an update on Steam. This is the game downloading the map. You can then start a Solo or Multiplayer game and select the map from the map list.

If you have any problems, feel free to ask!

Have fun!
-QuaK Rage
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