The Town (2016)

The Town
By: AlfaTheseus

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My first Zombies map, which was originally created for World at War.

“Victorian Era built English Village, which has seen the spread of the infected empty the streets, despite the village peoples’ attempt to fight back. The outbreak begun when a plane which carried 115 crashed into the village after being shot down by an unknown enemy.”

Detailing is rather minimal, as functionality is currently priority.

Features (Not all of course, you have to find some yourself!)
-NEW Weapons from Black Ops 2 Origins/MOTD (Harry Bo21)
-A Small EE which players of the Original Versions of this Map may enjoy to see return!
-Origins Round Music
-Dr Monty Announcer
-Purple Zombie Eyes
-Custom Death Animation from Black Ops 2 (Frosty Iceforge)
-Custom wallbuys (M14, B23R, Classic MP40 and more)
-Bottomless Clip Powerup (Natesmithzombies)
-Empty Bottle Powerup (Natesmithzombies)
-Random Weapon Powerup (Natesmithzombies)
-Time Warp Powerup (Natesmithzombies)
-Zombie Blood Powerup (Natesmithzombies)
-Zombie Money Powerup (Natesmithzombies)
-DIY 11 Renovator (CraftDAnimations) * PaP Version sound is currently not working.
-PHD Flopper (WARDOGSK93)
-Tombstone (CO-OP) (WARDOGSK93)
-Vulture Aid (WARDOGSK93)
-Der Wunderfizz (WARDOGSK93)
-Electric Cherry (Model by WARDOGSK93) *Prompt still says to turn power on, but works anyway. Working on a fix
-Pack-a-Punch area, which is a partical re-imagine of Nacht Der Untoten (That’s right, even more Nacht on the Workshop)
-Custom Starting Pistol
-Medium/Large Map, with secret rooms!
-Custom Weapons for Games such as Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, and Modern Warfare Remastered. (Credits for specifics in Change Notes)
-Kino Style Teleports
-Random Perk Spawner, which grants a Perk to all players.
-Buildable Power Switch
-More Wallbuys
-Perk Machines and Pack-a-Punch with sound
-Buyable Ending
-GG Machine
-Secret Wall Buys
-Widows Wine



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