Project Redwolf

Project Redwolf
By: danny1ef

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[Note: This is a remake of Project Radiation or a continuation of it, but I didn’t want to call it ‘Project Radiation (REMAKE)’, so yeah.]

Please leave comments on bugs, ideas, feedback, etc. and I will get back to you!

– 10 perks and a 10 perk limit
– More wall weapons
– Teleporter to Pack-a-Punch & Juggernaut
– Wunderfizz
– An easteregg (3 shootable bottles that will lead you to the thundergun room)

Madgaz, JBird632, CraftDAnimations and IceGrenade for tutorials that helped me create
this map!

(Note: This is optional but if you are recording a video on this, it would be appreciated
if you credit me in the description. Thanks!) -danny1ef



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