Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan
By: GerardS0406

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Lake Michigan 2.0 is a full “remake” of my Lake Michigan map which was released about 4 years ago. It’s set on the 5th of July, the night after Independence Day! Trash has been thrown around everywhere and a familiar face gets locked up by security! Our four heroes were at the Lake for the fireworks show but wake up to a land infested with the undead after mistakenly becoming cursed and marked by the beast. The cause is unknown and our heroes need to find a way to escape before the undead take over and they are cursed forever.

Features List:

  • Shadows of Evil Styled Beast Mode
  • Shadows of Evil Rituals
  • “Buried” Weapon Chalks
  • Arthur from “Buried” – Huge Thanks to AllMoDs
  • BO2 Buildables
  • Harry’s Perks
  • Black Ops 1 Weapons
  • More To Come



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