Forgotten Outpost

Forgotten Outpost
By: WeeWoo

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A British Antarctic outpost taken over by the Germans has been sitting for a long time abandoned after the war it was re-inhabited and modern researchers came to this little corner of the world to see what secrets the Germans left behind but no one came back from the journey.


-All Perks / No Perk Limit

-Weapons From IW/BO3/BO2/BO1/MWR/WWII

-ATM system to share points Near Power

-Snowman soul boxes

-Buyable ending

-Buildable Shield

Mike Pence [Player Models]
Harry Bo21 [Perks]
TheSkyeLord [Weapons]
ProRevenge [Weapons]
ii R3cKYOuRSOul x [Weapons]
Wild [Round Sounds]
DTZxPorter [Wraith & L3AK Mod]
DTZxPorter & Azsry [Kronos]
Zynx [W3 models]
NateSmithZombies [New Powerups Buyable Ending & Teleporter]
Zeroy [WW2/IW Assets]
JCizzle98 [Objective Text]
M.A.K.E CENTS [Soul Boxes]
NoScopeNinja25 [Community Bank]
Ardivee [Custom Fonts]

If I Missed Anyone Tell Me Please. Also report bugs in the Comments!



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