Town Of Sorrow

Town Of Sorrow
By: Awesome Pie Man

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Update 1.2:
-Changed map name to be less seasonal

Update 1.1:
-Built files for all language localizations
-Purple Zombie health slightly buffed
-Margwa head health slightly buffed

Welcome back one and all, Halloween Town sure has missed you dearly. Looking for something more challenging? Well…. good luck with that. No really, you will need all the luck you can get.
This time around, Halloween Town has grown and changed (literally), As for♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥you off and throwing you into a fit of rage (pretty much the same).
Enjoy the return of Trick or Treating and Light Barrier madness!

Scripting: AwesomePieMan
Mapping: HexZombies

Round Activation: Choose to start rounds when your done shopping and exploring.
Light Barrier Zones: Blue, Yellow, Green and Red. Each Increasing in difficulty.
Trick or Treating Doors: 500 Points is all that it costs, or is it? Will you be Tricked or Treated?
Margwa Boss
Special Zombies: Red: Burning Touch. Purple: Increased HP. Blue: Blinding Flash. White: Increased Speed.
Mini Hell’s Retriever Easter Egg: Can you find what is hidden?
Custom Traps:
Lazer Barricades: In a bind? block off parts of the gazebo for only 1000 Points – 250 points for each additional 5 seconds.
Rocket Thruster Trap: Burn those meat bags alive!

Jbird632: Traversals and Map Testing.
Zeroy: Sounds, Models & Halloween Zombies Pack.
Erthrock: Ultimus Player Models.
Ardivee: Scripting help/advice/sounds.
If we have forgotten anyone, feel free to message either of us, your controbution will promptly be added.


Graveyard Ambience:



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