XMas In the Clouds

XMas In the Clouds
By: 5C08

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After tackling the undead horde on Luck of the Irish, you decided to return to the skies, where apparently zombies still come for you.

This map was made in about 2 weeks with a lot of testing and other stuffs, I do hope you enjoy it and enjoy the holidays!

DTZxPorter – Tools such as Wraith, L3akMod etc.
SE2Dev & Nukem – L3akMod
Raptroes – Testing, graphics, grenades, etc.
RDV/Ardivee – Snow Tutorial
Collie – Conversion Rigs
TheSkyeLord – Weapons
762NATO – Fails in the Brain
Sledgehammer Games – Assets extracted from: Call of Duty: WW2
Raven/Infinity Ward – Assets extracted from: Call of Duty: MWR
Treyarch – Assets extracted from: Call of Duty: BO4
Tommy/Sp33dy – T7-T7 Rig

If you think I’ve left you out of the credits, don’t hesitate to contact me.

This map does not contain any copyrighted music!

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